Hey all.  So as you’ve come to know, it’s not likely that you’ll see any elaborate recipes coming from me (my mom is in charge of those!), but what you will see are quickly prepared clean meals that don’t break the bank and take literally 5 minutes to prepare.  Whether you’re a New Yorker on the go, a college student, or just plain busy – I gotcha covered.

Here are 3 meal ideas – 1 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to get you through your day.



Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal with Almond milk, Raspberries, Blackberries, and a teaspoon of almond butter.  Side of cantaloupe (FYI I didn’t have the whole bowl of fruit)

Side note: Know how cereal has us knawing on our fist in hunger about 20 minutes after eating it? I always add a teaspoon of nut butter to my cereal to keep that full tummy feeling and also get some healthy fats into the meal.



A simple Low Sodium turkey % Swiss sandwich between Whole Grain Bread.  Instead of a dressing I mashed a few raspberries in a bowl and threw them in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Holy cow, this was like a tangier, healthier Thanksgiving sandwich.  Notice the roommate’s pizza box in the background?! Now that is dedication to healthy eating, my friends.

Side note:  A turkey sandwich and a drink from a deli will run you $8-10 in Manhattan; This meal cost $3.00 for a box of raspberries (also used in breakfast meals), $4.50 for half lb of turkey, $2.50 for 1/4 lb of swiss, and $2.99 for the bread.  A little more than the cost of ONE sandwich from a deli bought me at least three of these lunches when made at home.



Whole Wheat Quesadilla made with 1/3 Fat Mexican Blend cheese. Vegetable Quiona, and Steamed Carrots.  Side of Fage 0% Greek Yogurt as sour cream substitute.

Quesadillas could easily triple in fat amount when eaten at a restaurant.  The fun at home – you can throw whatever you want on them! In the past I have added mushrooms, chicken, or spinach for a breakfast quesedilla.  Get creative! The quinoa I made on the stove-top for about 15 minutes, but there are instant microwave versions you can buy that take no longer than 5 minutes.


Between meals:

Snack on a banana, a Chobani yogurt, one handful of almonds or an apple with all natural peanut butter slices.

Everyone has time to prepare a 5 minute meal! :)