Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Such a simple concept, yet many of us do not adhere to it! I’m sure that through Instagram fitspo accounts, or even through your Facebook friends, you’ve seen the few people that actually do meal prep every week.  These people have their STUFF together – they plan their workouts, they plan their meals.  There’s very little room for error.  Of course, the idea of meal planning is just peachy in theory, but come Sunday night this is the LAST thing we want to do.  Football, booze, quality time with friends and fam..that’s what’s on our minds.  What many don’t realize is that even snack planning can make all the difference.

When I know that I’m going into a 10 hour shift at the bar the following day, you bet your bottom dollar that I am in the bodega downstairs from my apartment stocking up on snacks.  Same thing goes for when I know I’ll be rushing to and fro between appointments all day.  I’m lucky enough to have a great little store that has nearly EVERYTHING I could want, and for nearly half the price as seen in Whole Foods.  I  spend anywhere from $80-$110 dollars on my groceries/food pit stops a week, so the last thing I need is to experience hunger pains at 3pm with no snacks in my bag and grab an $11 sandwich at one of NYC’S conveniently overpriced shops in midtown.  This is just one instance where I’m grateful that I took 4 minutes out of my night prior to set aside snacks.

For the busy girl on the go:

Raw Unsalted Almonds: I usually buy a big jug of them at the bodega and count out 12 almonds to put in a plastic baggie each day.  It may not seem like a me I know.  It looks like a sad, wimpy little ziploc bag but really 12 almonds is just under 100 calories and full of healthy fats,  which is enough to hold off the shakes and keep you satiated until your next healthy meal.  Lately I am obsessed with cashews as well!

100 Calorie Popcorn: My fav is Skinny Pop or Pirate’s Booty.  Buy the tiny individual bags.  They are definitely more expensive but at least you don’t have your hand down deep into a big fresh bag of Pirate’s Booty while watching the Real Housewives only to look down and discover they’re all gone (and no, this has never happened to me..psssshhh).   My super favorite is Skinny Pop with drizzled chocolate PB2 on it.  Uhm, yes.  Exactly.

Granola: Any kind you want, sugar.  Just be sure to measure out 1/4 cup of it first so that you don’t overload the same way you may have with the popcorn.  If you can keep a Greek yogurt on ya as well, just add the granola to it.  Such a yummy, yummy snack mid-day.  Stay away from pre-packaged parfaits while you’re out as they are LOADED with sugar, which ends up just being stored fat.  I make my own yogurt parfait once a day with blueberries, raspberries, applesauce and shredded coconut.

Fruit!: I love having fruit mid-day as a refreshing little sugar rush.  Just don’t have fruit too late in the day (avoid it in the evening if possible) so that your body has time to absorb all that glucose.  This is something I have made a conscious effort to do, as I would usually have a midnight snack of cereal and fruit every night and then be up for hours afterwards.  Fruit is good sugar, but it’s still sugar! My favorite is an apple, a banana, or one of those great mixed fruit bowls that you find at most stores.

Fiber bars: This is where you have to know how to read labels.  Maybe you want an oatmeal raisin bar, a protein bar..or a cereal, granola or fiber bar.  These are all good and fine as long as you can decipher the labels and the bar isn’t packed with too much fat, sugar, or other ingredients that you may not even be able to pronounce.  Never assume that a protein bar is good for you.

Aaaaand if you’re anything like me..some chocolate covered pretzels, pumpkin bread and sea salted crackers for a little indulgence :)

What snacks do YOU keep on yourself to help power through the day?

Again, maybe meal planning is a bit much – but planning with the right snacks will keep those impulse purchase at bay, which will help the food baby and the wallet :)