Morrrrrrning.  So yesterday I came in to CT to see my sister one last time before she moves to St. Petersberg, FL! I got to see my mom’s new house and enjoy a nice goodbye dinner at my Grandma’s.  Such a quick visit though – already en route back to the city!  :twisted:

My favorite part about my mom’s new house is the back and front yard.  Adorable gravel driveway and tons and tons and tons of flowers. So….peaceful.

My other favorite part is the stairwell that echoes and makes me sound like Christina Aguilera when I sing.  It did not take me long to find this out.

Later, we went to dinner at my dad’s and instead of the traditional Italian meals we eat there, it was the All American deal.  Burgers, dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, chicken drumsticks.  On my plate I had some fruit, a hot dog, and a scoop each of the salad.

 ..The going away girl!!

Between our dinner plates and dessert, we threw some clams on the grill and enjoyed those puppies with lemon, cocktail sauce, and red wine vinegar.  Clams at my dads in the summer are a given.

After that, even though I was on the brink of a burst..I HAD to sample all of my grandma’s desserts she made.  Strawberry shortcake, blueberry cheesecake, and tirimusu.  She also brewed some espresso that was deeeeelish.  Talk about Italian Girl Problems.

I meannnn..Kind of ridiculous.  Nothing like home-made dessert

Dad and Chloe…(pics are all from iPhone hence awful-ness of them)

Me, Klo, and Toby…who is looking nothing short of crazy per usual.

Love going to visit my dad’s side of the family because we just bum out (see above), eat great food, and relax.  THey are a very low-key bunch, and it provides a nice balance for the lifestyle that my mom’s side and I lead.

When we got home….Toby hopped right onto Chloe’s suitcase.  I was like COME ON, could he be any cuter right now?!

He has been up Chloe’s ass ever since I got off the train.  Snuggling so hard against her face and endless kisses.  I was like “who is this dog?” as he is definitely lovable but was ESPECIALLY attentive today.  Crazy how in tune dogs are with what goes on in life, isn’t it? He definitely knows she’s on her way out…

Anyway, I can’t believe Chloe is leaving the nest, but I am so pumped I have somewhere to visit come December when the winter in the city starts to get to me.  Good luck c hole!


Do you prefer family dinners out or home-cooked meals in?