So, there’s pretty much one question I keep asking myself over and over again, and that is – “Why have I not been to Chobani Soho before?” I remember the very first day they opened.  In fact, I mentioned it in this blog post where we gave details for our first ever giveaway.  See, Chobani? We love you long time.

Prime location on Prince Street.

Smoked salmon and dill? Heaven.

The space is small but absolutely stunning.  Pretty much everything about it is a food blogger’s dream come true.

I met up with Ivana from The City Affairs to talk shop and try some amazing savory bowls!

Also, since I bartended the soccer game late on Sunday (whaaaat a game!), I definitely needed some Espresso!

Savory was the name of the game.  The sweet yogurt bowls did look amazing, however I already make variations of that at home!  I wanted to try some new, funky ingredients and OH EM GEE, they were incredible.

Mango & Avocado mango, avocado, jalapenos, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, fresh cilantro, lime juice, served with blue corn tortilla chips

Cucumber, mint, olive oil, sea salt, pita chips

We also got one of their simit’s (bagel-y sandwich-ey thing) that was entirely necessary for me, the carb lover.

For the full menu CLICK HERE, and prepare to start drooling.

If you’re local to NYC, get your booty over there ASAP.