Happy Hump Day!  This post is a sampling of some foods that can help keep you going throughout the day.  You may have seen my instagram pic last week of a care package I made for a friend who was just starting Weight Watchers.  This came about because she was too busy to count points, so in turn, she just didn’t eat.  Well, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share my clean eating wisdom?  I ran home that night and raided my cabinets.  I purchased the current issue of Clean Eating Magazine for her and gave her a short list of some clean staples to incorporate into her diet.  I also marked the page in the mag that explains what clean eating is and told her to cut it out and hang it somewhere she can see it.  Well what do you know, she lost 6.8 pounds last week!

I’m not knocking Weight Watchers or any diet program that helps people lose weight, but we all know that if you create a clean lifestyle, you don’t have to diet.  No points or calories to count, just good clean unprocessed foods.  A problem I see with these programs is that they limit your food intake or sell you their processed, packaged foods, but they don’t tell you how to eat properly or sustain your weight loss.

With our hectic lifestyles, we sometimes skip meals due to lack of planning.  Here you’ll find some items you can keep on hand anywhere to keep you fueled.  Me, I keep most of these in my car because I spend a lot of time traveling for appointments.  If you’re chained to a desk all day, then designate a clean drawer for yourself.

This is part of our no excuses mantra for the next few weeks.  We’re going to give you the tools to keep you going no matter what situation you find yourself in.

First and foremost, invest in a good bottle of probiotics.  Keep in mind they should be refrigerated as you are consuming live cultures.  Yes, this should have a shelf life.  Have 2 each morning on a full stomach, this will definitely keep things moving, if you know what I mean ;)   I purchase mine at Whole Foods

Whey protein, I have a few different brands, none of which I’m married to.  A rule of thumb is to look for at least 25 grams of protein for your post workout recovery shake.  This should be consumed anywhere from 15-30 minutes post workout.  Keep packets on hand in case you’re not headed right home from the gym, just add to your water bottle & shake.  Your body will thank you.

Designer Whey also makes protein 2go, it only has 10 grams of protein, but it’s good in a pinch.  It’ll keep you satiated long enough to get to some real food.  Use it as a snack.

Keep yourself hydrated naturally with coconut water.  I prefer VitaCoco in any flavor.  This can be consumed alone, in a shake or with the warm weather fast approaching, why not dice up some fruit mix with coconut water and freeze in ice pops for an instant treat?

Nature’s Path Oatmeal.  Now by clean standards, you typically want to have plain, unprocessed oatmeal, but for time’s sake, these will do.  While this sits for a minute with hot water, I cook my egg whites.  Not shown here is Abbott’s Farm Cage Free Egg Whites in the carton.  There’s enough for the whole week.  Breakfast in 5 people.

Silk Pure Almond Milk in Dark Chocolate as a go to drink alone, in smoothies or recipes.  We’ve got some great ones coming up.

Chia Seeds.  Perfect for smoothies, salads and many recipes.  This superfood will keep you satiated for quite some time.  Look for our post on this amazing food!

Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice.  Microwave ready in 1.5 minutes.  If you’ve checked out our recipes, you know we loooove this stuff!  Add veggies, a leftover protein like chicken or beef or maybe switch it up with your favorite beans, pack in a glass bowl for work and voila, a complete clean lunch in 1 minute 30 seconds…hello!

My current favorite bar is the EAS lean 15.  This one is a meal replacement.  I just ordered some protein bars that incorporate greens into them, let’s see how those are.

Not shown are raw unsalted almonds & beef jerky, they so have their own spot in my car.  protein and a complete carb, I’m never without food and I’m never hungry.  I hope this helps you.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  We love to share our knowledge