Hey! So if you didn’t already know – I usually don’t divulge in Take-Out, but on this particular lazy night off of work the idea of having to cook something was too just too much to handle.  After a few minutes of trying to figure out just what I was in the mood for, I decided on an Asian Fusion place.  I ordered the Salmon entree that came equipped with veggies and rice – perfect balance!

Look at how much salmon came with! This definitely will double for lunch.  A side salad was also included.

I was also excited to find a bed of sautéed onions underneath the salmon.  I am NOT a fan of onions unless they are in the sautéed or grilled form.  The plate ended up looking like a home-cooked meal which I TOTALLY could have taken credit for a la Mrs. Doubtfire, but we keep it real here over at the FGD, know what I’m saying?  It was absolutely delicious.  Take-out without the guilt.

While I ate I sipped on this bad boy.  I am really digging these drinks; Sipping on the Kiwi Strawberry flavor as we speak.

For dessert I had a mango sorbet (also from Asian Fusion place)..it was deeee-lish.  A perfect dessert treat for a hot August night in NYC.

The rest of my night included the last few pages of Self magazine, and my new guilty pleasure Gallery Girls.  I also re-watched some episodes of Girls on HBO because I am THAT obsessed.  Posting up the couch is sometimes the best way to spend a night, isn’t it?


Anyway – now on to my Accidental Crop Top adventure.  Actually, multiple accidental crop tops.

The backstory: Soooooo I will admit that I had not actually DONE laundry in quite some time before today.  The last time I actually threw clothes in a machine and folded them afterwards was back in 2009 when I was dorming.  Since then I have been dropping off laundry across from my apartment for it to be returned to me washed, dried, and folded.  I may sound like a high maintenance brat but truthfully it costs the same and saves you about 2 hrs time of monitoring your clothes (this is NYC – people steal shit) and afterwards folding them.

I now however am staying in a new building where there is laundry on premises.  So today I thought “Buck up bitch, it’s time to do laundry”.  The experience was not any inconvenience as I had some time to kill and some more magazines to read.

The only downside to the situation was as I was folding my clothes I realized quite a few were appearing to be tees suitable for an American Girl doll.  I knew better than to test my laundering skills with clothes I actually gave a shit about, so I found this more amusing than upsetting.

The best part? They actually look 10x better on than they did before! My accidental baby tee crop tops are pretty cute, right?

Now you know I despise doing laundry – what’s something that you DREAD doing?!