Hey there!  So we’re 3 days into our vacation and 2 grocery store trips.  I thought I’d share with you what works for us when it comes to staying clean on a trip.  This time around we’re feeding 10, so efficiency, cost & bulk are paramount.  Anything we can bring to save money for fun stuff is a must!

This trip happens to be a road trip, so it does make it a little easier to bring refrigerated goods, but the list of non perishables can be packed into a luggage and checked with the rest of your bags.

Just before we left, I raided the cabinets.  I couldn’t do it any earlier because these items are things in my usual rotation.  Here’s my list of staples for any day, any trip:

Quinoa, brown rice, jasmine rice                                                            
Flax & chia seeds
Plain whey protein (good with any mixers)
Rice cakes
Assorted nuts
Kamut flatbread
Farro pastas
Buckwheat pancake mix
whole grain breads
Hibiscus leaves – for iced hibiscus tea
Rishi sencha green tea packets for bottled waters at the beach
Coconut water
Fish oil pills
flax oil & EVOO
agave nectar – for pancakes & tea
stone ground mustard

As tired as we were, as soon as we unloaded the vehicles and unpacked, we headed to the grocery store.  It was the best move we could do.  We were ready to go for the next few days.  Here’s what we purchased:

Kashi autumn wheat cereal
skim milk
better than bouillon reduced sodium chicken stock
chicken breast
lean ground beef
cottage cheese
salad greens
eggs & egg whites
assorted beans
assorted frozen veg, fresh veg & fresh herbs
bananas, cherries, watermelon & strawberries
potatoes, onion & garlic
canned tomatoes & tomato paste
sea salt & pepper

Here are some of the great meals we’ve made so far: