This one’s about gaining weight in a relationship.  We have ALL been through this.  When we’re getting into something new, we have stars in our eyes and we’re not giving the quality of what we’re eating too much concern.  Happiness equates to weight gain, right? Riiiiiiiight.  Funny because I bet that obese woman sitting in the corner by herself at McDonald’s is happy as a peach.

In a recent conversation with an ex regarding my knack for eating healthy, he said “Ohhh I remember when we first met you were happy eating wings and drinking beer, not giving calories a second thought”. Oh yes! Glad u brought this one up. I was happy until none of my jeans fit. Then I was really, really pissed.

But he was right.  When we first started dating I didn’t want to seem like a freak with an eating obsession or that girl that only orders salad at dinner (so not the case).  I was thinking that if he knew how particular I was about what I ate that he would consider me high maintenance.  It was the excuse I made for myself to house 12 wings in one sitting.  We’re all guilty of getting comfortable with a guy and just going with the flow. “How does wings and beer sound tonight?” “Sure, I’m a cool ass chick so, ya know, I’m down for whatever.” Then it got to the point that I had to blow up one day like hey BUDDY, you may be able to eat like this and be happy with a gut but I cannot!! Wow, now I’ve managed to seem like a crazy bitch and insult him all at the same time. Pat on the back Av.

The truth is being particular about what you eat IS a bit high maintenance.  But there’s nothing wrong with that.  They don’t call it your temple for nothing.  If eater’s remorse is not an issue for you, then power to ya mama.  But for the rest of us less fortunate, a sick body takes thought and hard work.   Eating healthy will not change your guy’s opinion of you.  They may shake their head in bewilderment, but they won’t question it.  Just add it to the list of a million things that men do not understand about women.  They’ll tell you that you look beautiful no matter what, and then silently come to the realization that the girl their jaws dropped for the night you met was about 10 pounds lighter.

Anyway, that boyfriend soon started stocking his fridge with Chobani and letting me know of every new multigrain product he spotted. He was half mocking me, half being adorable and supportive. Either way, I’m glad I spoke up.  He had his Swiss Rolls, I had my yogurt, and everyone was happy.  Whaddya know.