Haaaay.  This is a quick post to highlight the fact that there are ALWAYS alternatives to your cravings to make them healthier.  Self restraint is a necessity for this to be a success (no impulse purchasing).  Ex: Every morning I go into my little bagel place next to my apt for coffee.  The bagels smell so FRESH and amazing and I want to absolutely scarf down an everything bagel with sun-dried tomato or lox cream cheese.  But I don’t.  I know that I won’t be full for long and I really don’t need the empty calories.  But today, I really wanted a damn bagel.  I went across the street to the supermarket and bought a wheel of Laughing Cow sun-dried tomato wedges and Whole Wheat bagel thins.  I was still hungry again within a half hour, but for a mere 180 calories (110 for bagel, 2 wedges at 35) it’s NOOOO sweat!

When I was hungry again I had a nice bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal, and this held me over until lunch.

Grilled Chicken, mesclun, arugula, tomato, feta, balsamic dressing

Hope your day is going well.  Don’t forget to think about alternatives! And check out my mom’s YouTube video on the Glam Bag.  So cute! Miss her face!!