Good Morning!  We’re going to forgo the Monday workout today and push that to Wednesday this week in order to bring you this great contest from Designer Whey.

Last month, Fitfluential partnered FGD with the protein powerhouse.  Our partnership was two fold, but this week, we can only share one part of it….great new things to come!

We were asked to come up with a series of protein shakes to promote their “Share and Win Recipes” contest.  Let me tell you, that in and of itself, was probably the hardest part.  In my house, we like to use lots of crazy additives like bee pollen, flax, hemp seeds, spirulina and a myriad of other super powders, but I felt this should appeal more to the masses.  We realize that not everyone is going to go out and make the investment, especially if they may not use these products all the time.  That said, we tried to use fresh, seasonal ingredients as well as some pantry staples that are readily available in most households.  But, like every rule of thumb, there is an exception.  The exception here is chia seeds.  We included these in some recipes as everyone should incorporate this super food into their diet.  Not expensive, and oh so worth it!  We’ll be doing a post on the nutritional value of chia seeds and a few recipes in the weeks to come.

Once the recipes were complete, it was time to do the promotional commercial for their Facebook site.  Well, needless to say, Ava and I are just getting our feet wet with the video portion of our blog, so video pro’s we’re not.  Any apprehension we had went out the window when we met the team.  Stephane, the Marketing guru and  Larysa DiDio, Designer Whey’s resident trainer were complete pro’s.  Larysa, welcomed us as if we were old friends and totally took control over the video.  She managed to engage both Ava and I as well as keep the content relevant and to the point.  It was a great day.  Be sure to check her out at

Onto the contest

How It Works:

- We Create It – Each day this week, Designer Whey will post a new protein smoothie recipe made with their French Vanilla protein powder.

- You Share It – Share, RT, Pin our recipe(s) daily (tag #Share&WinRecipes)!

- You Win It – Each recipe you share, you are entered for a chance to win $250 in Designer Whey products – DAILY!

They will have a concurrent promotion on our online shop with a BOGO offer:

- Buy one 12oz powder, get the 2nd at 25%.  Promo code is 12OZBOGO2.  Good through 4/30/13.

Ava and I would love to see your pics of our smoothies on social media, just be sure to tag #thefitgirlsdish :)

Good luck everyone!