Hey all!  So with warm weather on the way, if you’re serious about getting in shape, you may be pressuring yourself to cut out some of your favorite things in order to slim down.  Maybe it’s sweets, maybe it’s alcohol.  For me, it was cheese.  Remember?  Turns out, depriving myself of cheese altogether for 6 days resulted in a 4-slices-of-pizza-BINGE.  What was worse is it was cold pizza – not even worth it! But I was just missing cheese in my life so damn much.  Sigggggh.  I saw it in front of me, and without THINKING I went in for the kill.  We all want what we can’t have, right? When I cut myself off, I of course wanted cheese more than ever.  Once you tell yourself you can’t have, say, a brownie as a yummy afternoon snack, or cold beer after a long day, the likelihood that your cravings will spike and get the best of you is higher.

That’s when the good old FGD rule of thumb – moderation – comes back into the picture.  Never deprive yourself of what you truly want.  What’s better – you may even want to incorporate dessert into your breakfast.  Yes, DESSERT.

(This is the view my mom must face some mornings at the kitchen for the catering company..whoa)

A lot of articles have been published recently suggesting a high-calorie breakfast that may also incorporate your cravings (hello, cookies and ice cream at breakfast?!).  Huffington Post states that ”The touch of dessert could be responsible for the decrease in cravings for sweet, starchy and fatty items throughout the day.” Not to mention the fact that we are obviously more active throughout the day than we are at “normal dessert time”, which presents more opportunity to burn it off.  Let me tell you something, I’ve been having my chocolate sauce with my waffles in the morning, and it TOTALLY curbs my cravings for anything chocolate-y throughout the day.  I get the decadent, dessert thing out of the way first thing.

Now, this doesn’t mean to have cookies and cookies alone for breakfast.  Sugar spikes first thing in the morning are going to bite your metabolism in the ass.  But maybe you have a healthy combo of protein, carbs, and fat, and then add in one delicious warm cookie at the end.  Who knows, it might help the rest of your day’s eating habits!

So, tomorrow…dessert for breakfast?