Hey Friends! Welcome to the sleeping schedule of an NYC bartender.  I’ve come to you at 6am on a Sunday to blog about the difference between dieting and the eating clean lifestyle.

First things first, TODAY is the day for you to start embracing the “clean” lifestyle.  Not in a month, not next week..today.  Summer is coming and its time to buck up beyotch.  You’ll probably have to throw out half the stuff in your fridge and pantry (sorry if you just went grocery shopping), but this is about a fresh start right?  You may not like it at first, but after a while you won’t miss those fried foods at all. I PROMISE.  A few weeks from now your friends will ask you “You’re not eating mozzarella sticks anymore? What?!” To which you’ll laugh off with a brush of your shoulder “ha! Those fried cheese things? Pshhhh no way”

See the thing is, if you start to do something to your body long enough, it will get used to it and expect it.  For instance, when a vegetarian goes to eat meat for the first time their body will reject it, because that is not what it’s used to.  When you don’t drink alcohol for a month and then go to have 2 martinis at dinner and are sloshed, it’s because your tolerance is low and your body isn’t used to the alcohol anymore.  Personally, I don’t eat red meat often.  I love a great steak from time to time but a burger enters my system maybe once in 6 months.  The other night I had a burger at Rathbones in NYC because they’re the best around and I figured I could treat myself after not having one for many months.  It was DELICIOUS yet I was up until 4:30am feeling so stomach sick, because my body is not used to it.  Suddenly that burger was not worth the indulgence.

If you consistently eat healthy for a decent amount of time, your body will be rejecting the mozzarella sticks by the time you go to eat them again.  You’ll feel sick because now you haven’t had fried foods in a month.  The things that you think you can’t live without now will not even be a thought after you’ve embraced eating clean for a while. And if they are, well, treating yourself when you see fit is ok because you know it’s in moderation.

Let’s talk about the word diet for a minute.  The word DIET sucks ass.  I’ve never used it in my life.  And I don’t understand why any of you use it either.  Come on, we all know we’re commitment phobes at heart, so why on earth would you attempt to commit to the dreadful DIET?  Then we have the other problem: I see people that THINK they are eating healthy when they kind of haven’t got much of a clue.  You post a photo on Instagram of your “healthy diet salad”, but what is that creamy dressing I see?! Tsk Tsk.  At that point you may as well go all out with the mozz sticks.  You see, I grew up on skim milk and have LOVED vegetables since I was a kid – even Brussels sprouts (weirdo!).  Yes, I had all kinds of snacks growing up and a Diet Coke addiction that I finally kicked about 3 years ago, but the foundation for eating healthy was always there.  I realized that a lot of people didn’t grow up with this same foundation.  So now it’s up to you to build that platform for eating healthy and transforming your body.  Remember this is a LIFESTYLE, not a crash test for your body where you lose 15 pounds and then gain it right back.

IF you are already a healthy eater (bravo!), don’t write us off just yet.  Use us as a way to keep yourself motivated and on the right track.  We can help each other! If anything, stick around for the fashion and workout segments; THOSE you don’t want to miss.  I am also sure my posts will get progressively more inappropriate/entertaining as time goes on, and that is something to look forward to as well.

Next time I’ll prep ya for the grocery store ;)

Talk soon,