Hey FitGirl Followers! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday.  The weather is GORGEOUS today and if you can get outside for a little bit, you definitely should.

After seeing a commercial for the Zone Diet this morning, I totally remembered my eavesdropping-at-the-beach moment I had the other day.  You know when you’re laying on your stomach at the beach, straw hat covering your face and are half-way asleep/on your way to a sun-induced coma? You’re kiiiiind of aware of the conversations around you but at the same time blissfully drifting off..This was me, until I heard the term “Zone Diet”.  Immediately my ears perked up and I took it upon myself to eavesdrop on the group of girls behind me. I knew NOTHING of this Zone Diet before listening to this convo, and I have to admit, I still don’t understand it.  From what I gathered, it is still a form of starving yourself.  These girls had apparently all tried it at one point or another, and one was saying that for a week she only had vegetables.  ONLY VEGETABLES FOR A WEEK?! I lifted my head up, shook my friend next to me awake and said “Dude! I’m having a hard time here..I want to help them!” But I wasn’t about to get up and be like “Um, Hi, ladies..I’ve been creeping on your convo and ya know, I have a blog about this stuff and we don’t believe in diets, sooo..yeah..check it out! Have a great day!” It would have been like that Sex and the City episode where Miranda tries to enlighten the young girls by saying “Hey, he’s just not that into you”. Then she walks away and the trash-talking ensues.

I just can’t believe people are still trying diets!!  The worst part was that they all agreed their weight fluctuated 10-15 pounds between diets.  How do they view that as effective?  Yo-yo-ing the pounds is what gives us excess skin and the nasty cellulite.  No bueno.  At this point I guess I’d just assumed that everyone has at least HEARD of eating clean..but apparently not.  So let’s do it people! Spread the EAT CLEAN message far and wide! If you eavesdrop on someone talking about their dead-end diet, grow the cojones that I didn’t have and inform them of our fabulous, 100% effective lifestyle. :)

Breakfast today: My beloved Egg Whites

FYI: I hate the presentation of paper plates, but it’s hot out and I don’t have the energy to do my dishes…or load my dishwasher, for that matter.

Also..Chocolate and Strawberries for breakfast?!

Mmmmmm..Justin’s Choc PB with Strawberries on a Whole Wheat Bagel Thin

For lunch today..the same I had yesterday because it was just too damn tasty..

Low Sod Turkey, Swiss, Sliced Apples on Ezekial Bread.  Heat that sucker up on a skillet to melt the cheese.

ALSO, went to an amazing dinner at Dylan Prime in TriBeCa last night.  I don’t allow myself to take food pics at those really nice dinners..but here’s my outfit.

Dress from Target!! Clutch, H&M.  Earrings, Forever 21

Well, that’s all for today my friends!

Gym time for Cardio & Abs