Helllllo dear friends.  Hope your week is going by at a nice, quick pace!  Last Friday we were invited to a fantastic Brunch by the incredible Cali based company, Evolution Fresh.  I was already a huge fan of the company (I buy the Sweet Greens green juice at the bodega before my Sat bartending shift at Rathbones) because of their great taste and affordable price, so when they reached out to us for a workshop/brunch – we were all in!


The event was held at Haven’s Kitchen, an absolutely gorgeous space in Chelsea.  It tied in perfectly with their sunny, bright brand image.

After introductions and some chowing down, we sat down for the first part of our workshop with food photographer, Lou Hanna.  The workshop was based around food photography for the iPhone and Instagram – how amazing is that?! Considering we are the bloggers that NEVER have our cameras on us, this was definitely one we wanted to sit in on.

Most helpful tips we took from this:

1.  Spray water onto foods to create moisture droplets (ummm, you know, like that AMAZING looking bowl of cherries that appears to be moist and freshly picked?)

2.  Avoid using direct flash or any light source from behind you since it flattens the subject.


4.  Keep backgrounds simple to make food the focus.

5.  Try a lower perspective from the camera (for instance, getting in line with the table as opposed to shooting picture from above)

6.  Try the old mirror trick to create a serious highlight (use on food only, not as an evil trick to blind someone)

We had so much fun getting to the “floor” and practicing different angles!

Evolution Fresh sent us home with a great gift bag that included many of their amazing juices, a water bottle, Lou Manna’s food photography book and also their trail mixes!  Thanks so much girls – we LOVED meeting you!

Before you take your next foodie Instagram shot, keep the above tips in mind :)

Have a great day.