Good Morning!  This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Califia Farms on the blog.  It’s by far my favorite Almond milk, not to mention the packaging is eye catching!

As I walk into my happy place “Whole Foods” earlier this week I couldn’t help but notice they were nice enough to place a huge Egg Nog display smack dab in front of the entrance.  I don’t know why I walked over to it.  I haven’t had egg nog since I was a kid, hello calorie bomb!  Ava indulges in the soy version, but something has always kept me from trying it.

Ahhhhh, there is was Califia Farms Pure Almond Milk Holiday Nog, no eggs to be had.  50 calories per serving, 1.5 grams of fat, 8 grams of sugar, pure heaven! As you can see, it’s just about gone.  I purchased it on Monday, it’s now Wednesday and apparently my brood has discovered it as well.  Time to restock.  It’s great to welcome back a holiday favorite to my eating plan.  Keeping a healthy diet, you really do give up so many unnecessary treats.  But fear no more, you too can make Nog part of your holiday tradition yet again.


If you’ve got some fresh nutmeg unhand, take a second to grate a little bit over your glass for that extra bit of holiday cheer!  Eh, if you’re feeling super festive, add a shot of rum :)