How well does your cookware work for you?  To me, whether you’re a novice or a pro in the kitchen, the right tools make the job easier.  I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to trust labels and sometimes fall prey to the “more expensive is better” theory.  Well, I’m super happy to tell you in this case….so not true!

About 8 years ago I purchased a $650 Calphalon cookware set.  For years I had junky cheap pots and pans that if they fell, they actually dented!  With a huge lump in my throat and a couple of glasses of wine under my belt, I took the plunge at a gourmet cookware store.  I still remember it like it was  yesterday.  The box was huge.   I actually backed my car up to the front door to unload it.  Chloe, about 12 at the time and a chef in training, had eyes like saucers and was soooooo happy with my new purchase.  It was nice, but it scratched  no matter what precautions we took, the nonstick didn’t last too long, but I was stuck with it.  Spending that much money, I’d probably keep it for life :(

Fast forward 8 years and I’m totally over it!  Now back to buying budget nonstick pans at Costco every 6 months, I started looking for another set.  Blah, I definitely don’t want to spend that kind of money again.

One night as we’re scrolling through the channel guide on TV, Mark spots a title with Gordon Ramsey.  He knows I like him, so he switches the channel.  Ha, it was QVC.  We never watch QVC.  He’s hocking cookware and cooking.  We decide to watch.  Wow, this stuff looks pretty cool.  It’s NSF certified; meaning it won’t release any harmful contaminants.  As we’re watching him cook, there are certain nuances that catch my eye.  All the lids are clear glass with rubber trim.  Nice that you can see your food while it’s cooking without losing any heat.  Another super cool feature, each lid has a small opening on the side allowing you to discard liquid without removing the lid.  Brilliant!

So, I turn to Mark and ask, can we buy it?  Of course he’s the chef, so I’d like him to have an input.  He replies, if it can go in the oven.  And just as if it were on cue, Gordon says “and it’s oven safe” as he proceeds to place a pot in the oven.

Sold!  I’m on the phone ordering 2 sets.  $150 each.  One is a gift :)  Hopefully it won’t disappoint.

And HELLO, it doesn’t.  I’m in love.  SCORE!   I use it every day, obviously.  The handles are ergonomic with a rubber coating and a thumb indentation on the top, oooh.  The first time I used the pouring feature when steaming veg, I was psyched.  It’s the little things, you know?  I didn’t burn my hands because of the rubber and my asparagus stayed warm as I didn’t have to remove the lid.  I had a new friend in the kitchen.  Of course, I can’t bring myself to throw away the Calphalon, but it doesn’t reside in the top spot anymore.  It’s the overflow.

Well thank you Gordon!  If you’re in the market for cookware or if you’re like me and you have kids fleeing the nest, this is perfect.  It’s a 5 star product if you ask me.