This Tuesday brings you another amazing cooking tool for your clean lifestyle.

At the beginning of the summer, conveniently just before Father’s Day, Mark came home from Costco beaming about some new grill they had and all the amazing stuff it did.  I hate to say it, but I half heartedly listened, it’s not like he’s going to buy it anyway.  He’s the type of guy that can’t pull the trigger on big ticket items.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s super good for us because even though I get the sweats and a quick bought of nausea, I still pull the trigger.

One week later and Father’s Day is quickly approaching as in; the next day.  Yes, I’m last minute lil.  But I still give the best gifts.  So, I head to Costco to see what all the fuss is about.  I thought it was something seasonal that would be there until they ran out, but this was more of a traveling demo meaning it would be gone by Monday.  The salesman was super informative, although I still didn’t quite comprehend everything he had to say.  We talked a lot about cooking and the benefits of having a Traeger as your household grill.

But wait, it’s not just a grill.  Call me crazy, but we’re kind of sort of in the market for a new grill, so I was down for that.  But this isn’t just a grill.  If I’m correct, it’s a smoker, a slow cooker, a convection oven of sorts and yes, a grill.  What I mean by all this is that, do I really need another cooking tool that does what 5 other things I have already do inside the convenience of my kitchen?  Will I go outside to cook a loaf of zucchini bread when my oven is right there?  Will I go outside to slow cook a meal in the morning to have it ready for me in the evening in lieu of my slow cooker?  For me these were things that put me on the fence and at a cost of $800, I must really love Mark to even consider it.

Well the salesman did his job.  He sold me on the healthy aspects of it and that it weirdly cannot overcook anything.  I said weird, he didn’t ;)

Here’s the premise as I know it.  The grill is electric.  It is powered by wood pellets.  The pellets can either be flavored or not.  There are many to choose from.  The pellet container, or hopper,  is to the left of the grill, conveniently holding my wine.  There is a very clear and accurate temperature dial on the pellet housing.  Here is where you choose to either smoke your food or cook it at a certain temperature.  I’ve found this to be waayyy more accurate than our traditional grill.  The pellets are automatically fed to maintain the proper temperature.  Getting a little technical, there is an induction draft fan that keeps the heat moving throughout the grill in an even circular motion.  This allows for even cooking and no burning.

There’s an angular drip tray under the rack inside the barrel.  Here, any drippings from your meat are funneled into that cute little silver bucket and carried away never to be seen again on your food.  Traeger recommends lining this tray with aluminum foil for easy cleanup….hello.  There’s also a small chimney stack that omits the cooking smoke.

Since there is no direct flame, there are no flare-ups.  Get it, no burned food.  How many times have you perfectly cooked your meat on the inside only to have it charred on the outside by some angry rouge flame?  Me personally, more than I care for.

I was told that if you live on the west coast, Traeger is a household name.  Well, I don’t live on the west coast, but if I can help it, Traeger will become a household name on the east coast!

I was told there is one caveat to grilling as we know it here on the east coast, the controlled lovely char marks a grill gives you.  The tradeoff?  The best tasting, moistest meat you’ve ever had.

Obviously I took the plunge.  Scared that Mark would not be too happy that I spent that kind of dough, I reluctantly wheeled it out from my car in the morning.  He was beaming from ear to ear.  And as I suspected, he said and I quote “I don’t like when you spend so much money, but I’m glad you did”  That day he ran out and grabbed a brisket, slow cooked it all day and it was incredible.  And I don’t even like brisket.

Fast forward to the other night.  I was having a girls night and filet mignon was on the menu.  I turned on the grill and there was no propane…..lovely.  What’s a girl to do but tackle the new toy.  I fired up the Traeger and it was ready in a matter of minutes.  My girl Danielle did the honors of cooking as I was inside cooking lobster tails.  We weren’t sure if it was done because of the external color.  Remember, no charring.  So we did the thumb test.  You know the test where the doneness is determined by the feeling of the flesh just under your thumb?

A bit apprehensive as to what we were about to experience, hands down among 4 ladies, it was the best, most tender piece of meat any of us had ever had!  Talk about taking the guesswork out of grilling.  I mean, the grill and I aren’t exactly one.  Since last week, I haven’t stopped using it.  I’m in love!  Next up, baking inside it or wait, I really want to make jerky.  Decisions, decisions.

Ugh, it works so well that Mark actually took it to a party we were catering this weekend.  I wanted to kill him, but in the end, the chicken was a huge success.  The deal now though is that he has to buy his own for the shop and BTFO the one for the house :)

I hope we’ve intrigued you to try it out.  It’s well worth it and there are various price points.  You can get one for under $300.  We have a large family, so we needed a larger size.  Don’t let the price scare you.  Plus, right now they are having a special where you make 3 payments with no shipping and no sales tax….hello Christmas gift.  That’s if you purchase online, there are also local retailers if you want to see it up close and personal before taking the plunge.

Happy Grilling!

For the record, I wasn’t compensated for this post, but Traeger, you know I could always use more pellets :)