Morning! Fall is here and I am happier than a pig in shit.  Excuse the language, but it’s true! I am in the BEST mood.  Fall is my favorite. As you are aware from having read my constant complaints, NYC is just miserable in the summer.  Fall – totally different ball game.  This is when the fun starts.  It’s still roof top and outdoor dining weather – just throw on a kick ass leather jacket and humungo scarf if you get chilly.  Football started, which was a lot of fun.  Speaking of which – my friend approached me about an all girls fantasy football league! I know NOTHING of Fantasy Football but it does sound like a legit Girl Power move, doesn’t it? I’ll have to run through the details..


Anyway, here are some reasons I am excited for Fall.

  • NYC Farmer’s Markets..The one in Union Square is possibly my favorite.  Wine tastings, cheese tastings, home-made breads and pies, home-made cider, fresh flowers.  I mean, come on.  So amazing.
  • Pumpkin ANYTHING – pie, pancakes, coffee, I said, ANYTHING.
  • Apple picking – This activity I will venture to CT for.  Always a fun time, although the past few years we haven’t even left with too many apples since they were destroyed in an apple fight.  Yeah, an apple fight.  There’s only 2 CHILDREN in the family, so this is pretty embarrassing.  It’s also a painful activity if you get nailed in the head with one.
  • The STORE and HAY MAZE after the Apple picking – Also in CT.  The store at Bishop’s is without doubt one of our family’s happy places.  We buy pies and amazing-ness and do a wine & cider tasting before heading to the Hay Maze.  Good stuff, my friends.
  • Vineyards – I will definitely be venturing to the Hamptons (didn’t make it there this summer - THAT makes sense, right?), because they have some sweeeeeet vineyards.  Wine lovers, lets unite in the Hamptons.
  • Walks in Central Park.  The park is the absolute best in the Fall.  I have tons of pictures from seasons past, but of course I hope to get some great new ones!
  • THE FASHION - Duh, how could this be the last one on my list? I am positively obsessed with Fall fashion.  Summer is cool because  it’s easy but fall and winter are the best because of chunky, layering pieces and of course my favorite thing in the world, leather.

Anyway, my whole day yesterday was back on the “clean track”.  If you missed my VLOG on how I have been slacking, Check it out here. Video Vlog

For breakfast, I had 2 eggs OE (side note: I always have egg whites in the fridge, but today I was in the mood for yolks because I knew they would keep me fuller longer), a handful of grapes, and that goopy deliciousness there is Apple Butter, Apple Sauce, and Almond Butter.

 Since I had to go waaaaay back in the cabinet to find my almond butter, I realized I have developed quite the nut butter stash..

Lunch actually wasn’t anything too substantial – Rice cakes w/ cottage cheese and Chobani vanilla choc chunk w/ pom seeds.  Lots of dairy up in there.

Post workout I had a hemp seed protein bar with a Chocolate Zico water, and later for dinner I had poached salmon with rice pilaf and some green beans.  I took a picture of my dinner but it came out sooo blurry – my rice pilaf looked like barf (your welcome for the visual).  I was definitely in too much of a rush to eat to get a decent picture.

Since I had the night off last night I relaxed with Gallery Girls, picture editing, and my favorite Tea combo (French Vanilla, 1 Stevia, splash coconut milk).  This all happened in baggy ass gray sweatpants *Bliss*.

Anyway, it’s time for that HOT pumpkin coffee I am craving so badly!  I’m going to take it on a nice walk along the East Side River and then head to the gym.  I’m telling you, there is no shattering my mood in this weather.

I’ll be back later with some of my favorite looks so far from NYFW.