Hellooo Weekend.  I’m here with my many pics I promised you the other day covering my trip to one of my favorite fall spots here in the city, Union Square Farmer’s Market.  My love affair first began in 2009 when I was interning at an event space only two blocks distance.  You can imagine how much spare change I blew through, and also how my mid-section started to resemble a cider donut..

How amazing are all these BRIGHT fruits and veggies on an otherwise dull day?

Kale lovers galore.

Oh.  M.  Geeeee.

Apple Cranberry Crisp = Purchased.

Bread = Purchased.  I am such a sucker for these markets.  I buy things I don’t even need because here I have someone in front of me, most likely a very small/independant company, just trying to sell their brand and share their passion through baking, flowers, whatever the case.  I like that.


Fresh pasta! I love it.

Cheese! i went with the Sepherd’s Basket.  I’ve enjoyed a few slices of that cheese atop red pepper hummus on a slice of the whole wheat bread mooooore than once over the past few days.  Delicious.

Now be honest, how much are you dying to visit a farmer’s market now?! Well, go for it.  Hopefully the rains stays at bay.

Where is your favorite local farmer’s market? What are your favorite purchases?