Hello all! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, no matter how it was that you spent it..and welcome to the reality of Life After the Holidays.  Time to prep for New Years Resolutions, stop eating like a heiffer and really get into gear again with workouts.  I hope you all pigged out as much as I did this week.  From holiday parties, all you can eat dinners, to Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner plates (and SECONDS), I am feeling seriously gross yet satisfied.  I got it out of my system, and now it’s time to buck up.  Look out for our #2WeekSlimDown plan, which we will be introducing tomorrow! We’re going to give you guys a plan with cardio-incorporated workouts and the bare bones of clean eating to really shed off the holiday weight and get into amazing shape in just TWO WEEKS! Who’s ready?! I know I need it.

But for one very last day, let’s look further into the #FatGirlsDish lifestyle that I so guiltlessly indulged in this week..

Grandma making her own fried calamari & scallops


Lobster Sauce

Spinach Breads

Seafood Salad

Homemade Stuffed Shrimps

Lobster Mac

Assorted Homemade Cookies

Did I mention this was all in ONE MEAL?!

Christmas Eve dinner prepared by my grandmother, and I ate ALL of it.  I swear, sometimes my stomach amazes me.  As if this wasn’t enough #FatGirlsDish, Christmas Day included the traditional likes of ham, corn, mashed potatoes, cheesy bread, pie, etc.  Holy cow.  I had my last plate around 10:30pm, and then knew it was time to throw in the holiday towel.

If you have today off from work as well – enjoy it! We’ll catch you tomorrow with the 2WeekSlimDown Plan :)

(P.S, sorry for iPhone quality – I have to stop being so lazy about bringing my camera around with me!)