So apparently this week the FGD is gonna be alllll about prepping for month ahead.  But this is a good thing.  I need it, and I’m sure you need it too.  December is not the time to throw in the towel and then start fresh come January 1st.  Indulge, of COURSE, but it’s important to keep ourselves in check most of the time so that when we go for the home-made, full-fat treats we’ll find ourselves presented with there will be no guilt to accompany it.  Here are some tips and thoughts to keep in mind.

1.  Eat before a holiday party.  Odds are it won’t be a full-on dinner, but rather creamy dips, cheese platters and things of that sort.  If you’re going on an empty stomach, standing at the table and scarfing until you’re full won’t do you any good.  If you must, load up a plate and WALK away.  At a wedding recently I loaded my plate with oysters and shrimp at the raw bar, leaving me no room for cheese and bread.  Bummmmmer because I still miss that cheese to this day, but I didn’t have to sacrifice the flatness of my tummy that night.

(If you’re grabbing some shrimpies just don’t go too crazy with the cocktail sauce – sodium)

2.  Bring your own clean dish to the holiday party! At least if all else fails, you can count on yourself and what you brought to the table (ha ha).  Bring a seasonal salad, a skinny version of your favorite dip, etc.  Now that’s a dish to stand and scarf around.

3.  Remember our “Thank you, Pamela Anderson” post from way back when?  This advice stands its ground.  Put on a bathing suit! Right now! I myself dug out (literally, DUG) a bathing suit this morning and threw it on before I started the day.  And ya know what? I could be on a beach tomorrow, proudly.  It’s such a proud feeling to know that even though I’m covered up all the time, I’m still taking care of what goes on underneath.  Fit is sexy.  NO MATTER WHAT.  Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall, my friends.  We may feel disgustingly pale but it’s better than being disgustingly bloated too, right?!

4.  To add to that – Find a picture of yourself that you love.  What do you love about it? Is it your size, your physique, your hair color? Do you look happier? FInd what it is that you are trying to recapture and it justttttt might get you to drag your ass to the gym a few more times.

Uhhhhh, who’s the mother, who’s the daughter here?!?

 5.  Stay active.  No matter what it is that you do.  If you can’t get to the gym, do something in the house.  Chasing your dog is one of my favorites, but maybe play Wii Tennis with your sibling, suit up and tough it out for a jog in your neighborhood, do a workout video on Youtube.  Anything will suffice.  It’s difficult because the summer is when we’re most active and happy to be out and about, and the winter-time we tend to be hermits.  Don’t be a hermit dude!!! Props to you if you get out and snow-board or ski.


Chlo looking super boss and Fit in the summertime.

Fit is happy, and happy is sexy.  So do it for yourself you sex kitten, and be good this holiday season ;)