Hey people! Hope you are all out enjoying this gorgeous day (and taking a minute to catch up on your FGD).  I’m going to spend the next few hours laying around to prep for a 6pm-4am shift at the bar (ummm yeah, don’t want to talk about it) , but I did sneak out for some ME time at Effy’s to try to salvage my sanity.

TODAY, our topic of discussion is the Food Diary.

Food diary..sounds like fun, compelling stuff right? Fun, not fun..however you feel about it, it’s completely necessary if you’re new to the Clean Eating game.  Your food diary works in the way that any other diary works…you write down everything you eat throughout the day.  The simple logic to this is you’re either gonna be proud of what you write down or you’re gonna be wagging your tail in shame.  If your new plan is to be healthy and AWESOME, then how good are you going to feel reading that you had loaded nachos and potato skins? Glance at your lower body, I’m sure you’ll find your answer.

Keeping a food diary is most beneficial because we can keep tabs on what SNACKS we are inhaling.  Snacks can be the devil.  If you had a well-balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner but sit in front of the TV for 2 hours munching on who knows what, well, what good did that do? Writing every little thing down makes us more aware of the mindless snacking we tend to do all day long.

Now in no way am I saying that you can’t indulge yourself from time to time..but until you know when your body can afford to take on these indulgences I suggest writing in your food diary for one week straight to get the momentum going.  And keep it clean! Don’t cheat yourself!  I usually do a food diary for a week straight every few months when I feel myself starting to reeeeally slack.  Keep it in your purse and when your friends try to give you sh*t when you whip it out after a meal, tell them they won’t be laughing when your tummy’s nice and flat and they’re wondering WHY all those hours on the Dreadmill aren’t paying off ;)

Above is a snapshot I just took of one of my old food diary posts, just so you get the idea (By the way, I know I have the worst handwriting EVER! Hot mess).  Please tweet us pics of your food diary!!  We would love to see. @thefitgirlsdish

And lastly, some NYC streetart I just saw all over the Upper East Side.  Dela Vega is back!