Jeez, just when I give myself a pat on the back for being on my “blogging game”, I start to slip.  This week, I’ve been suffering from severe headaches – the kind that gives me sleepless nights and hours of laying in pitch black silence.  It’s a very helpless feeling, so needless to say this week has been a struggle and therefore I haven’t taken time to open up the lap top and write some blog posts!

On Wednesday, my headache conveniently took a backseat for the day (it’s back now, as well as a head cold) while my mom came into the city for a Healthy Brand Showcase event that we had to go to.  We’ll do a recap post on that event next week once I’ve sorted through our photos and goodie bags, but for now I’ll take you through our perfect day that involved our three favorite things; Food, Fashion & Fitness.

We both started our morning with Pure Barre classes – me in NYC, mom in Fairfield, and then I went to Grand Central to grab her before heading to the event.  Afterwards, we walked towards 59th street shops in the gorgeous weather and spent a considerable amount of time (and money!) in Sephora.  Helllooo, new brushes, contour kits & blush.  And thaaaanks, mom.

After makeup shopping, we’d worked up quite the appetite and started walking back in the direction of Grand Central to grab some food.  We ended up stopping at Ammos Estiatorio, a gorgeous Greek restaurant that had an incredible looking menu.

Mom let me handle the ordering, so it was two glasses of Malbec and a salad with peppers, feta, olives, cucumber and tomatoes to start.

So fresh and so yummy.

I also ordered the grilled calamari in olive oil, salt & pepper.  It was very good and not overly cooked or tough, as sometimes calamari can be.

For our entree to split, it was Salmon over orzo, cooked perfectly.  After we’d eaten I realized that we didn’t really go all out “Greek” with our ordering, but it was still a delicious meal and I would definitely go back to that restaurant.

We had a huge and romantic booth all to ourselves ;)

In honor of Fashion Friday, let’s do a fitness edition! We both were able to stay in our workout clothes straight from Pure Barre to the event, to lunch and beyond.  Finding comfortable but cute workout clothes is an exciting thing.  I was so happy the weather finally took a turn for the better and I was able to wear my new Nike’s.

I then wore my Dayna leggings from Capezio, Pure Barre’s “See you at the barre” shirt that my mom sent me, a cardigan from H&M and a slouchy jersey hat from Urban Outfitters.  Topped off with my Marc Jacobs sunglasses.

I think I might be living in workout gear a lot more, especially if it’s going to be this comfortable!

After our meal, we headed back to Grand Central.  We had some time to kill before mom’s train so we grabbed some Rum Bellini’s at Cipriani.  We then proceeded to talk, cry , laugh, have a few more glasses of wine, make mom miss the next 3 trains, and rack up something like a $150 tab.  Umm, $16 drinks wasn’t exactly the plan, but we wouldn’t take it back for anything ;)

Such a perfect day that I wish could happen EVERY week! Love you, mom!