Hello there! Happy Saturday.  JEEZ it is getting chilly out! I had to bust out the winter coat last night..not sure how I feel about that.

First of all, let’s talk about how awesome my mom is for sending me THIS…

She is the bomb, fo realz.

Anyway, lets talk about my entire day of eats yesterday…

Many of my meals involved my new Fairway purchases..

I say “new” because these are purchases that I have not made in the past.  The coconut Dipped chocolate Luna Bars that I discovered I loved so much..yeah, had to buy a box of those.  Rice milk, that I tried at my mom’s house and found goes great in my tea, Kashi Vanilla Wheat cereal, coconut Nectar to sub for syrup, and protein powder that after yesterday discovered I am in LOVE with.  I call it “girly protein” because it has 18 grams of protein and 100 calories per scoop.  Right up my alley.  We don’t want to BULK up ladies!  My roommate has like gallons of that GNC protein powder, and when I was out of my own powder I considered using his – until I saw that there is 40g of protein per scoop.  Nooooo thanks, Popeye!

And last but not least, we have Organic Pumpkin.  Do I care if pumpkin is organic? Absolutely not.  But it was right by the register, so I picked it up.  My mom later told me it was disgusting and to go for pure pumpkin next time…tried it anyway and momma knows best, that stuff was nooo good.


Breakfast was just the Kashi cereal from above with skim milk, granola & berries, and chia seeds.  Perfecto.

After breakfast I went through the course materials & syllabus of my Nutrition Certification, and then dove straight into Chapter 1!  At about page 7 I thought to myself..”Wow, what I was thinking registering for this? Studying SUCKS”.  But then I thought “Slow your roll Ava…this is something you WANT to learn about”.  Advance in career, Advance in career, Advance in career…haha.  Soon I will be owner to a Fashion Merchandising degree AND hold a Nutrition Certification…So let’s come up with a reeeeeally cool career name for me.

When I decided I was ready for a break (ummm, didn’t take long..), I also decided I wanted PANCAKES.

For some reason, I CANNOT seem to figure out how not to burn pancakes on this stove.  They actually don’t taste burnt at all, but it pisses me off that they look burnt, as opposed to the fluffy photogenic pancakes I see everywhere else.  Made these with Sprouted grain mix, chia seeds, and some chocolate chips.  Obviiiiiiii.  Topped with Justin’s choc PB and coconut nectar.  There goes my chocolate fixing for the day.

Later in the day, after lots of reading & computer work, I dozed off on the couch for about 20 minutes..which was juuuuuust enough time to make me miss my class at the gym.  Damnit! Thank gosh for Tony Horton and his BeachBody dvd’s I tell ya.  I did a 30 minute ab video as well as a 30 minute buns video.  If I have to work out at home, which I do seldomly (um, I pay for a $90/month NYC gym membership so I better be using it), Tony is one of my favorites to work out with.  Motivational, upbeat, likable.  Haaaay Tony.

Post workout I made a protein shake using ice cubes, almond milk, 1 scoop protein powder, chia seeds, banana & raspberries.  I chugged it and did not find time to take a pic because I was running so late to meet up with a friend..

Dinner  was a lovely combination of things I had also picked up at Fairway: Poached Salmon, Seaweed Salad, and Quinoa.  Damn I loved this meal.  This quinoa is sooooo good.  If I wasn’t too lazy to go look in the cabinet for the brand name, I could tell ya what it is.  Next time.

Lastly for my day,  I was CRAVING  a bagel with cream cheese.  Since I am trying my darndest to stay away from the carbs that I don’t need these days, this was the next best thing (and also the healthier version).  Cinnamon raisin english muffin topped with Whipped cream cheese.  The other half had already been eaten by picture time.  Again, obviiiii.

See guys? See how a trip to the grocery store enabled me to prepare allllll my food at home?! It’s a beautiful thing, it really is.  No secret salt thrown on my food, no butter on my muffin.  Everything’s in my control! :)

Now I’m off to the gym (hopefully I make it this time!), more studying, and then yet another night of work at the bar.  Enjoy your weekend!!!