Hey guys..Who’s excited for the first Pro Football Sunday?!  I know I am!!!! I am not a fan of football, however I am a fan of the dolla dolla bills it brings me.  For those that are just tuning in – no I am not a gambler, but a bartender.  Bartending and waitressing during football season is stressful and chaotic, but also a ton of fun.  So ready for it!

Just a few minutes ago I started cutting up my Jets tank to wear to work today.  I bought a little boy’s YOUTH medium at Modell’s (hello, wearing little boys clothes is sexy…or extremely creepy) and brought it home to chop up.  I don’t have fabric scissors, so that shizz is looking messsssed up!  After I finish this post I’m going to fix it up and sexy-fy it.

Anyway, last night was pretty tame.  After a long night out on Friday and all day bartending yesterday, I was pretty beat by the time I got home.  I stopped by my lover Fairway Market on the way home for some fun essentials..

What we have here is Unsweetened Apple Sauce, Apple Butter, Cottage Cheese, Coconut Almond Granola, Pomegranate Seeds and Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Chobani

Daaaaaaayum, I done good.  Also bought but not pictured was some more of my splurge peanut butter (this time I got creamy Skippy), Kashi’s Black Currant Walnut cereal, Raw Almonds, Light Babybel cheese, carrots, Hummus, grapes, bananas.  My goodness, I freakin’ love my visits to the grocery store.

My VERY fancy dinner last night..

Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Jelly, 2 slices bread.

~ Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this recipe ~ ;)

My dessert included my brand spankin new Chobani VCC, pom seeds and granola


The rest of my night involved diving into Bazaar and watching my SATC dvds on my lap top.



So I came across something funny today.. I was looking through pics in my phone when I saw this..

Obviously this picture in itself is not humorous, but the funny part is that I totally forgot (thanks, ALCOHOL) that I came home starrrrving Friday night and whipped up this cereal with a scoop of Justins Chocolate PB, and paused before eating it to take a picture.  I’m FGD baby, all day and all night.  See! I’m always thinking about you guys! Even after a night of too many vodka waters.

Where’s everyone spending their first Football Sunday?! I’ll be at my second home, Rathbone’s Pub.  88th and 2nd.  Come chill.