Hey all! So last Wednesday, we had the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic gluten-free dinner, thanks to an invite from the National Foundation of Celiac Awareness.  The foundation is hosting a 10 city tour to educate and raise awareness among both the general public and restaurant industry on the causes and treatments of celiac’s disease.  They have teamed up with a “Next Iron Chef” finalist to present a 4 course dinner in each of the 10 cities to those that can help spread the word.  What an educational and delicious dinner it was! We found the event to be fantastic, as it wasn’t a PowerPoint seminar that would bore anyone to tears, but rather a brief educational speech and explanation in between each course.

This dinner was held in Tribeca at Metahphor, and it was a gorgeous setting! I have to apologize now for the lack of quality in pics.  Funny, two bloggers that NEVER bring their super-duper expensive digital cameras ANYWHERE.

First up:

An amuse bouche

A foie gras on top of a gluten-free crispy flatbread.  Who knows what this is? Who’s had it? We’re foodies, and we’ll eat anything – but our entire side of the table agreed that we enjoy the taste until we actually think about what it is.  Kind of like escargot, right?

Prosecco while we do some of the reading provided in our folder.

Maaaaan, do I wish I had better photos.  This appetizer was out of control.  Mashed potatoes on a nice bed of oysters.  What a clever, delicious idea.  I am one of those freaks of nature that isn’t a huge fan of mashed potatoes, but this was very, VERY tasty.

Entree: Red Snapper on lentils, a honey sauce and some bok choy.  Also topped with a roasted tomato that was bursting with flavor.  Deeeee-lish.  All at our table were a fan of this one as well.

Aha, finally a somewhat decent photo.  A perfect Fall-inspired dessert.  We all thought this was flan, but the chef informed us that this was a custard, surrounded by shaved almonds and topped with a lentil chip.  Lentils have a lot of use in gluten-free meals, apparently! We’re definitely fans.

Us with the chef! A talented and informative man right here! What we found most interesting in what he had to say was JUST how many restaurants claim to make food in a gluten-free environment, however simply using the same knife without a thorough wash, or using the same rag to clean a workspace are unfortunately just some of the ways that an atmosphere can immediately not be a gluten-free environment.  I know that my mom will definitely take back some of this knowledge and advice back to her catering company.

Thanks again to the NFCA for having us.  For more information on their mission, visit their site at Celiac Central.