Picture this: Stunning views of the Freedom Tower and Hudson River, a boat, oysters, cocktails, and chill vibes.  Enter Grand Banks.  Grand Banks is similar to The Frying Pan, only a fraction of the size and a fraction of the crowd.  The Frying Pan is amazing, but there are very few times you can go there and actually find a spot to post up while standing, let alone find a table to sit down at.  Grand Banks still hits the wallet just about the same, though.  Limited cocktail menu at $15 a pop and oysters for $3.50 each – it’s definitely not a cheap happy hour.  But it IS a place where you go for a bit, splurge, and take in the scenery.

You definitely don’t forget you’re on a boat, that’s for sure!  I think I felt buzzed after 5 seconds of stepping “aboard”.

It was an 85 degree day in the city this past Sunday, and that breeze around sunset was strooong.

The Summer Dress I bought in March finally got some use!

That Nixon watch, though.  Beauty.

We managed to find a spot at the back bar, which happened to be the oyster bar where they shuck on site.

I tried a few, and they were yummy! Nothing to write home about, but they were fresh and tasty so, what else really matters when it comes to oysters?

If you’re visiting the city or just want to get away from the Concrete Jungle feel, check out this small bar on a small boat!

Pier 25 in Tribeca at West St. and N. Moore



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