Hey guys! So as you can see from the past few days of posts, we have been getting it onnnn with Mother Nature.  This weather has me outside ANY chance I get.  It’s just too nice.  I was all too happy to get to CT for a day and go for our hike, as well as hang in my mom’s gorgeous backyard, drinking tea, painting my nails and reading Glamour mag..

Something about this view….It’s just so CHEERY, don’t you agree?


Some meals of the day..

This amazing pancake to go along with my tea..Sprouted grains, all spice, blueberries, cinnamon.  I make pancakes every time I go to my mom’s..I don’t know what it is.

Lunch was the last of my mom’s Clean Italian Wedding Soup

And DINNER.  Halibut with some yummy bread crumbs, grilled asparagus, and quinoa.  Compliments of chef Chloe.

A little while after that I met up with 6 of my best girl friends from high school for drinks and had a blast.  Per usual, there was not enough time in the night to catch up.  Those girls are awesome though – I sent the text early in the day to let them know I was coming home, and everyone was down for meeting up.  Thanks ladies!!! “Whatever Happens..”

My hot mamas had to get home since they had work in the morning, so I met up with my pal Jimbo for some Shipyard Pumpkin beers. He attempted to explain Fantasy Football to me, since the girls and I are indeed a part of a league (!), but he was very unsuccessful.  Whatever.

Overall, a FABULOUS quick stay in CT.  I love fall, I love fall, I love fall.