Oooh Monday.  I know it sucks.  But at least we all have only half a week of work! Sooo ready for Thanksgiving.  Anyway, we all know this is the toughest time of the year to keep the eating clean.  I personally have the hardest time in the months between summer and Thanksgiving.  The cider donuts, autumn beers, pumpkin cheesecakes..those are the things that really make it difficult to stay on track.  Sugar cookies and holiday cakes leading up to Christmas aren’t really an issue for me.  I usually get all of the fall cravings in and then after Thanksgiving throw down the axe and start afresh.  But I figure – why wait until after Thanksgiving? Let me get on track with my groceries at home.  Remember – the 6 pack starts in your home kitchen.

Now, you know that typically everything in my pantry or fridge is on the healthy side.  I shop for the same staples every time at my local markets.  However, every once in a while I take the trip to Whole Foods (not in walking distance of my apt) for some yummy health foods that I am not usually able to purchase.  Wellllll, the most exciting thing happened and I discovered a much smaller health foods store nearby with many of the same products that WF has.

The things I was most excited to purchase: shelled edamame and Ezekial Cinnamon Raisin bread.  Yuuuum.  I’ve been hearing so much about Apple Cider Vinegar that I decided to purchase, although I have yet to use it (and pretty sure you can buy it anywhere).

Let’s focus on the bread.

So I KNOW that I would be much, much better off to eliminate bread altogether.  Especially since I eat so much of it throughout the day.  As my mom has said, a few days without bread truly will rid your belly of the bloat. But since I’m not gonna be parading around in a bikini anytime soon, the bread is here to stay ;)

Here’s the thing though – it’s all in the type of bread.  Whole wheat is definitely the healthier option next to white bread, but it is not the best out there.  If you have the option to buy whole grain, or sprouted grain..then do so.  This bread will provide nutrients and keep you fuller a lot longer than any other.

These hemp bagels … o. m. g.  Had them at my mom’s house and knew I had to find them for myself.  Most definitely on the pricey side, but I’ve enjoyed them as a splurge with some whipped cream cheese or with some almond and apple butter..and it has been so amazing.

Since I finally got the chance to purchase the right bread, I figured I could chuck these.

HOWEVER, I decided to keep them around for the roommates :)

My first meal:

Salmon burger on Sprouted Grain english muffin with a side of edamame.  Deeeeeelish.

I also found that the Mara Natha almond butter (also discovered at my moms) is the bessssst damn tasting almond butter EVER, and is perfect for drizzling over my morning oatmeal.

All in all, I am beyond thrilled to have found this Health Food store.  Yes, the products are definitely on the pricey side, but this is your body we’re talking about, and your body deserves the best.