Goodbye, Fall.  You put in a good run this year (FINALLY!).  The colors of the foliage in CT this past weekend were blowing my mind.    Sad to see them on the ground, but they did make for some good pics.

On another note, with the end of Fall comes the official beginning of the holiday season.  The holiday shops in NYC are a MUST-VISIT. Bryant Park, Union Square & Columbus Circle to name a few.  My favorites have always been Bryant Park, where you can ice skate before you shop :)

Gorgeous night at the Bryant Park shops.

Before the December crowds roll in and it becomes mayhem!

After our Bryant Park date, my friend Amanda surprised me with a parting gift: her home-baked pistachio donuts.  These are OUT OF CONTROL just like any other creation of hers I’ve tasted.  I could have housed all 3 to myself, but I split one with the man and gifted the other two to my roommates.  Mmm, mm.

And just for kicks, some health-ified for the sweets lover, and one for the salty lover!

This banana and raspberry dessert is smothered in chocolate PB2!  You can use any powdered peanut-butter and add water to create a delicious drizzle.  We all know we’re going to be indulging A LOT at holiday dinners and parties, so it’s important to keep the calorie attacks at home minimal.  Fruit and, yes.

And for those nights when I’m craving a crunchy, salty snack..  100 calorie popcorn with some sriracha on it for a little kick! Guilt free and so dang yummy.

Do you guys have a favorite healthy snack these days?