What is better than 2 days off from work and visiting your mom’s house? I vote nothing.  I had no idea it was going to snow like it did (Um I don’t think the weather people did either), but man was I so happy to get snowed in at my mom’s last week.  When I boarded the train from Manhattan, it was all freezing rain.  Somewhere along the ride though, a winter wonderland was forming.

This was when my mom picked me up from the train, and I didn’t get to leave her house again for another 18 hours.  Well, I don’t really know how many hours.  That’s what it felt like though.  The snow was soooo pretty and I was so happy to be out of NYC’S slushiness.

Dinner for the night:

Arugula Salad with….I don’t even remember.  Haha.  I just know it was darn delicious.  Judging from the pic it looks like some feta, pear, tomatoes, nectarines.  Yum.

The main meal was my absolute favorite pasta dish of all time: Linguine & Clams.  Now obviously my very favorite comes from my Grandma at Christmastime as part of our 7 fishes dinner, but this whole wheat, perfectly spiced heathier version was pretty amazing.  Thanks Mark!

Later, we had roasted pumpkin seeds.  I loved them, but my mom did not.  She was pretty p.o’d that Mark forgot about them in the oven.  Again, thanks Mark!  I happen to like that burnt popcorn taste though, so heck I was all over those things all night.

Egg nog and the fire.  Bliss.

Aside from the snowstorm preventing a trip to Target and a photo shoot that I had planned (to which I made THIS face),

I had a great time with family, the 3 dogs (who by the end were driving me NUTS), the snow and just the coziness of being “home”.  So again, I ask you, what’s better than visiting your mom’s house? Nope, nothing.