Hey guys!  If you are reading this now, we are currently at the BIG E! Very last minute family decision, and after a late and busy night at the bar and editing pics for this morning’s Babe on a Budget, coffee is my very dear friend right now.  I was originally going to post this immediately, but I wanted my fashion post to shine in its glory.

The Big E is what I think to be the biggest fair in New England.  It’s been a few years since I’ve been, but we used to go 2-3 times every year because my father’s company was a vendor there.  Can’t wait to take pics and give you a re-cap on it tomorrow!  I suspect there will be many cheats today, aka pumpkin beer and New England clam chowder.

Anyway, on to the next..

Yesterday I decided to make my own jam for a PB&J.  I got the idea courtesy of [onemealatatime] on Instagram.  So, so easy.

Throw a handful of berries into a microwave-safe container and then throw into the microwave for 20 seconds.  The berries will be heated and therefore easy to mash with a fork.  Add 1 packet of Stevia and a bunch of chia seeds and BAM, you’re done.  I’m sure you could get even more creative if you wanted to! Just cover up and throw in the fridge overnight.

After that, I was in the mood for dessert.  Yesterday I spent soooo much time working on things at the computer that I kept hitting that point where I was like “Jeez I’m hungry!”

So before work, I wanted a snack that would satisfy my chocolate craving.  This could clearly double as dessert, and takes only 5 minutes total.

One choc rice cake topped with the usual cottage cheese and sprinkle of cinnamon.  My usual tea (which looks lighter because its skim milk and not coconut), and waaaarm chocolate dipped bananas!

For the bananas I simply threw a handful of semi-sweet dark choc chips into a bowl and microwaved them for one minute.  Swirl them around with the fork and immediately dip the banana chunks into the bowl.  Clearly I had extra chocolate and went back to add more to the top with a spoon.

Filling and clean all at once!

And lastly, I have been so so good about packing a bag for the day when I know I will not be home for many hours.  It’s saving me TONS of money!!

Kashi Bars, Chobani, Choc Milk, that PB&J..Having these little snacks on hand throughout the day helps me from stopping into every bodega to spend money.  Also, “Gone Girl”, which I have yet to get more than 2 chapters into :(

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