Woah! 3 videos in one week! How lucky are you guys? ;)

But, really, let’s talk about waffles.  They’re decadent, they’re a treat, and they are usually laden with enough excess carbs, sugar and fat to make us walk around like a bloated whale the rest of the day.  I LOVE THEM.  So when I discovered there was a way to trick my body into thinking I was having the real deal while having a healthy mix of sprouted grains, fiber and protein – I was hooked.

In my small-ish NYC apartment, I keep a waffle maker by the bed and whip that thing out most mornings to start my day with a deliciously clean waffle.

I mean, come on – does this look like a cheat? YES.  Is it? NO.  This one here is smothered in PB2, blueberries and shredded coconut.  Delicious.  I have so much fun playing with different fruits and toppings for my favorite meal of the day.

You can search for a recipe where you make your own batter, using egg whites, whole wheat flour, etc.  Or you can use this 2 ingredient recipe..

1/4 Cup Arrowhead Mills Sprouted Grain Pancake/Waffle Mix

A little less than 1/4 cup Silk Almond Milk.

Done.  Add your chia seeds, cinnamon, fruit – whatever! :)

With that all said, here’s our “How to Make “clean” Waffles” video!