Hey people! Hope we’re all doing OK today, it’s Friday after all.  I am particularly happy because I have MADE IT TO THE BEACH.  I flew down yesterday with two of my pals to meet the family in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We’re staying in the same condo we’re always in..with its open space and ocean-front view…couldn’t get any more gorgeous.

We hopped off the plane yesterday and headed straight to the grocery store.  Since I was moving out of my apartment last week I didn’t get a chance to go and let me tell you…I missed it so much.

Uhm, notice that TOTAL amount….. :oops:

We went a little sick and stocked up on all of the clean-eating necessities.  You’ll see pics as the days go on.

We went to the beach at around 5pm for an hour or so, and then headed to my mom and Mark’s condo for some dinner.


Beef gumbo which consisted of Chicken, Sausage, Corn, Green Beans, Rice…and who knows what else.  I just know it was delicious.  Sided with a nice salad and yes – I ate WHITE bread, topped with cheese and garlic.  A little indulgence.  Wine also accompanied the meal – this should be a given.

Later, JJ, Meagan and I went to a little dive-ish bar down the road.  Drank, played pool for a bit, and came back to the place to chill out and pig out.


The pigging out we did was with carrots and hummus.  Let me point out to you (again) the importance of grocery shopping.  We obviously had a buzz on and were looking to snack – but since all we had were healthy snacks, this was our only option.  Trust me, this didn’t bother us one bit.

This edamame hummus was amaaaaazinnnnnggggg.  We could have scarfed the whole thing down, but we stopped ourselves.

And LASTLY for this morning, since I am currently munching on watermelon and dying to make my omelet and head to the beach, I’ll share our morning workout with you!

Meagan and I headed to the very lacking gym downstairs for a quick workout (only 2 treadmills and some creepy, run-down looking machine).  We did 5 minutes sprinting on the treadmill, and then hopped off for a series of pushups, triceps dips, mountain climbers, sit-ups and mason twists.  We repeated two times to make this is a quick 25 minute workout.  I’m so proud of us for actually making this a priority before we started our day.  Just because we’re on vacation doesn’t mean taking care of our bodies falls to the way-side!

OK that’s it, I’m out! Time to hit the beach with my Self magazine and SPF 30.

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