Hey all, Happy Wednesday! My favorite day of the week, baby. I always have Mondays and Wednesday’s off from the bar, but now that football season has started Monday is my day to play catch-up on life (errands, bills, blog, etc), so it’s not actually that fun of a day off.  Weddddnesday though..Wedesday’s my boo.  Shopping, brunches, nice dinners..it’s my time for it all.  In fact, last Wednesday I managed all of that in one day..

Last week, I had plans to meet up with my two Lindsay friends (yeah, there’s two now) for brunch.  We didn’t know where we were going to go, but in the end we opted for Jack’s Wife Freda.  SO HAPPY THAT WE DID! I’ve seen Jack’s Wife Freda so many times on the bougie fashion bloggers Instagram accounts that I was almost outright opposed to the idea, but after a look at the menu Lindsay(s) and I decided that we just had to give this spot a whirl.

I had a doctor’s appointment in Tribeca that ended sooner than expected, so to kill time before meeting with the girls I had a latte at Cafe Select, another amazing Soho spot.  This menu is out of control (very similar to Westville) and I was almost tempted to just say screw JWF.  In the end, I did not.

JWF.  An adorable Soho spot bustling with cute, relaxed staff and even cuter, relaxed patrons.  Did we order enough drinks?

This menu looked so freakin’ yummy that I thought I would have the hardest time choosing a meal option.  However, once I spotted the “Mustard Seed Crusted Tofu with Spaghetti Squash” entree on the menu, my search ended abruptly.

Lindsay N. ordered the “Rosewater Waffle with Lebanese Yogurt and Mixed Yogurt” and Lindsay L. ordered the “Chicken Kebab marinate chicken with Cous Cous and Chopped Salad”

We all got completely different meals and each were equally amazing (we shared bites, obvi).

This spot is perfect (Lafayette & Kenmare) because it’s so close to all of our favorite Broadway shops making it a great pitstop on a shopping day.  Not only that, it’s super affordable – so if you’re in NYC for the day looking for a seriously casual place to grab a bite to eat and veer away from the tourist crap, visit Jack’s Wife.  [Check out the menu HERE]

Lindsay N. trying to find shoes, Lindsay L. and I taking “twinning” selfies.