Hey all! Happy Wednesday! I love this day evvvvery week because it is my day off.  Errands, gym, studying, dinner & drinks out- it all happens today.  YES.  Don’t be mad at me – I work weekends!!!

Anyway, there are so many perks to living in NYC (obviously!), but my one of my very favorite reasons is that the grocery store is open until midnight.  When I got off of work last night around 10:30 (I went in at 11am, hence the reason I was out of there so early), I rushed over to Fairway on 86th street.  Mind you, Fairway is JAM packed any time of day: Morning, noon and early evening.  Lines are out the wazoo and I end up doing all of my essentials shopping in no more than 15 minutes – meaning I find it difficult to really search for fun new products with a bajillion people around me.  In and out.  But not at 10:30 at night! The store is practically empty while the staff restock the shelves. Heaven.  I spent a good half hour reading through ingredient lists, finding new products and basically just taking my sweet ass time.  Grocery shopping is so fun, have I mentioned this?! ;)

Some notable finds….

Apparently I was in the mood to shop for creamy drinks.  Usually I just buy Perrier or Zico, but last night I bought the Protein Zone Naked Smoothie simply for the fact that I haven’t tried it, So Delicious choc coconut milk, and Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea because I figure it will taste pretty darn delicious in a chocolate protein shake.

Because I’ve been making a waffle a day in my waffle maker (seriously, ONE a day – so freaking delicious), I decided it was time to upgrade to the BIG BATCH.  And of course, Ezekial bread because I am just craving almond butter & banana on sprouted grain.

I bought Apple Cinnamon muffin mix, just because I have literally never baked before aside from my simple protein muffins, and these seem just as simple to make.  After reading the Nutrition Facts, I found that each muffin is only 120 calories, and I figure they can be a good treat to have around the apartment.

Shredded Coconut, because I LOVE shredded coconut! I’ve been meaning to grab some for so long and kept forgetting.  Coconut is great on waffles, frozen yogurt, oatmeal..really anything.

I’m at the end of my bottle of Fish Oil, and when I spotted these I figure I may as well buy them and try them.  *Note* Take fish oil!!!!! Sounds gross but I really love them.  Omega 3′s to keep your skin glowing, nails growing, and hair shiny.  Do it.

I spotted this Spirutein protein powder in a sample packet and decided to grab it just to try it and see if it’s worth buying the whole container.

And as I write this post, I’m snacking on Dark Chocolate covered almonds – YUM! – and Mango (not pictured).  The RoseWater is for a face mask I have to keep hydrated.

Anyway, these fun new purchases of mine were only made because I went shopping late and had time and space to actually peruse the aisles! Score.

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