Hey guys! So seeing as it’s already Thursday, I thought it would be a good time to update you on this past week’s meal prep!  On Sunday night I posted a pic on Instagram of my long and glorious meal prep.  Yes, it’s kind of a pain, however all the mess and and all the cleanup in one shot is so worth it! I’ve been munching on yummy veggies, egg white cups and chicken salad all week.

I tried to multitask as much as I could, but I kind of had to divide and conquer [NYC apartments have limited counter-space, have you heard?]  I started with boiling some veggies and cooking chicken.

The chicken I left PLAIN.  It was very hard not to add seasoning or even some pepper, but I held off.

When the veggies were boiled, I coated them with olive oil, lemon juice and pepper and then roasted them in the oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.  Deeee-lish.

The chicken I got to cutting up for a healthier version of chicken salad..

OKKKKK, so I know this looks like a gross mess, but I PROMISE it tastes amazing.

Healthy Chicken Salad recipe:

4 chicken breasts, cooked & cut into cubes or small pieces

2 tablespoons Light mayo

2 tablespoons Light Omega-3 raspberry dressing

1 handful chopped pecans

1 bunch sliced grapes

Chicken salad sandwiches are seriously one of my favorite things to devour for lunch on a hot summer day; I’m just always sure to make my own as I am definitely not a fan of mayo (blech!)

Top right are egg white cups, which I attacked after the veggies and chicken salad was sorted.  I chopped tomatoes and mushrooms, then non-stick sprayed muffin cups and filled them with the veggies, feta cheese and egg whites.  These were in the oven for about 35 minutes at 350 degrees! I keep them refrigerated and pop them out to microwave for breakfast! (one min)

Meal prep always makes life a lot easier throughout the week – what do you make for the week?!