• 4 large fresh lemons
  • to extract 3/4 cup fresh juice (I use a reamer)
  • 60 oz. filtered water
  • 3/4 cup Grade B Maple Syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon organic cayenne pepper

I don’t know about you, but this time change is really beating me up!  I’m still maintaining my 5:00am wakeup time to hit the gym before work, but I’m borderline lethargic by 9:00am.

I know it seems like we’ve probably tried every crazy thing out there, juicing, juice cleanses, teatoxes, vitamixes, juicers, nutribullets, but hey, somebody’s got to do it.  And at least they’re all things that can enhance our daily lives and are not quick fixes.

After a little bit of research, I came across the Master Cleanse.  It’s typically used as a super restrictive diet to cleanse your system and lose serious weight rather quickly.  Think Beyonce in Dream Girls.  No thanks!  But, given a look at the ingredients, I think it might just be what I need as a pick me up in my daily routine.

The ingredients:  Fresh Lemon Juice, Grade B Maple Syrup, Water & Cayenne Pepper.  It’s said that the syrup has to be Grade B, so I head off to my local health food store.  This store is great because it offers freshly ground cayenne in different scoville units.  If you’re unfamiliar with scoville rating scale, it’s the way the heat is measured in a pepper.  Of course I went for the 190,000, pretty much the max for cayenne.   Not to fear, cayenne goes all the way down to 30,000 scoville units for those of you not accustomed to the heat.  Cayenne is also great for you because it contains capsaicin, which in short helps to boost your metabolism. *Note that the cayenne shown in the photo above is from Whole Foods and not what I used in my recipe, but it’s a great alternative.

As I make my way to the counter with my cayenne and syrup in tow, seemingly everyone surrounding the register including the cashier asked if I was making a Master Cleanse.  Why yes I am.  One woman told me she has it in her car right now and loves it.  Another said she uses it for energy.  SCORE.  I asked how they use it, most replied as a supplement for a pick me up.  Sounds like I’m on the right track.

I eagerly go home and make my first batch.  Just combine all the ingredients and whisk together.  You may want to whisk it before each pour.

What?!?  I really like it.  It actually takes like a natural lemonade with a kick!  I’m on my 4th batch today.  I have 2 servings a day and use it when I’m hitting the morning and afternoon slump.  And guess what?  I really do notice a difference in my energy level.  This thing is a life saver.  I can’t wait until the warmer weather.  It’s going to taste even better on a hot day with a boat load of ice.

Thanks to Evolution Fresh for this awesome water bottle, now my Master Cleanse bottle!

Have you tried the Master Cleanse?  If so, how do you use it?  Does it give you energy?