Hey there! Hope you had a great weekend and a great start to your week.  As I was putting my groceries away yesterday, I figured I could snap some pics to give a glimpse into what is purchased on my grocery store runs every week.  Of course, every trip is different..I pick up snacks, treats, and random things from time to time (as seen here and here)..But these are the items that seem to make it into my cart every single week.

First up: dairy.  I know dairy is not for everyone, and I also know that a lot of fitness peeps feel strongly about no dairy in their diet.  I agree, to an extent.  At this point, I realize what dairy my body agrees with and what dairy causes me to feel distended or not sit well with me.  At the end of the day, I need cheese in my life & milk in my coffee.  So I do what I can.  *OMG by the way I am just now realizing from looking at this photo that I got the cottage cheese with pineapple chunks – NOOOOOO!!!!! I hate that one!!! Dangit.  They make it so hard to read that little “with pineapple” at the bottom that I’d say 50% of the time I end up grabbing the wrong one.  I’ve been duped once more.  Bummer.

Anyway, I USUALLY like my cottage cheese on rice cakes, with some mashed raspberries & cinnamon on top.  Deee-lish.  The Laughing Cow Swiss Light wedges are also so tasty, and I love those on toasted bread, rice cakes, or thrown into my morning omelets.  I usually go for Fage 2%, but since I didn’t see any this time around I went with the Fage Total, as it is super thick, making it perfect for homemade yogurt bowls.

I always stock up on egg whites and almond milk.  I enjoy my almond milk with granola or cereal and fruit for dessert (Special K Chocolatey Delight will always have a place in my cabinet).  I grabbed some lemons to add to my water or any juicing I may get to, and some Smart Balance butter to have on hand!

I always get a ton of spinach and a good amount of fruits.  Raspberries, blueberries and bananas always make the cut, and I alternate between other fruits.  This week it’s cantaloupe, last week it was pineapple.  I also always grab avocados (I actually get avocados multiple times a week), because AVOCADO TOAST.  Nuff said.  The spinach I also throw in my morning omelets, which consist of 1 whole egg, egg whites, spinach & laughing cow wedge.  Sometimes I also grab turkey meat to have with breakfast.

A favorite snack of mine: carrots & hummus.  I eat soooo many carrots it would blow your mind.  I used to just mindlessly eat a crap-ton of hummus, but now I usually make a plate with 1 tbsp of it so that I don’t go overboard (only to later go overboard on pretzels and chocolate).

I’ve pretty much given up white flour as of lately.  It’s hard sometimes, but I look forward to my avocado toast on Ezekial bread or Cinnamon Raisin buttered muffins so much, that it really doesn’t bother me anymore.  Obviously with summer, it’s a lot easier to want salads as opposed to sandwiches.  I always have tons of rice cakes on hand – PB & Banana on a rice cake is bomb.  I’m telling you, try it.

And because your girl’s gotta L-I-V-E..Big Cup.

I grabbed this Arctic Zero pint of coffee with high hopes, and I sadly have to report that it was TERRIBLE.  Flavored ice at best, but I guess I should expect that, since the calorie count was just too good to be true.  This thing was $7 too! Laaame.

Clearly, these are not so much the makings of full meals; but since I am either at work, grabbing food on the go, or out to dinner on most nights, these are the things I like to keep on hand to help maintain my wallet and health!

Have a great day,