Hey ya’ll.  Monday is back atcha with a vengeance.  I know, [sigh].

We know that in this day and age you can get seemingly anything delivered to your doorstep.  Not only that, but there are monthly memberships for products to arrive at your doorstep.  If you can think of it, it’s probably out there.  Makeup, clothes, whiskey of the month, dog toys, etc.  NatureBox is just one of the many foodie/snack clubs that’s out there today.  For $19.95 a month, you can either personally select or have 5 randomly selected  snack bags delivered monthly.

 While these snacks are by no means clean, they err on the side of healthy and are fun snacks to keep on hand.

The cute names of the snack bags don’t hurt either!

What sets NatureBox apart for me is the price.  $19.95 may seem like a lot, but I at one time was subscribed to something similar for $40 a month!  If you really think about it, these portion sizes could easily sell for around $7.00 a piece at the grocery store.  Especially in our great, big, pricy city.  So if you do the math, this is really a no-brainer.  These snacks are also so perfect for me to throw together in a ziplock bag for the day or when I have a 10 hour bar shift.

Nutrition Facts are provided on all of the snacks, which is helpful.  Again, the ingredient list is not “clean”, but that’s why they’re snacks and we don’t house the entire bag in one sitting….right?  Haha.  Everything in moderation, people.

Check out the site for yourself at www.NatureBox.com.  I’m sure if you browse through the yummy snack list, you’ll be hooked.