Morning guys.  Hope you’re all enjoying the very last weekend of the summer! I’ve been hangin’ low all weekend, and not minding it as much as I feel I should be. I took a ton of pics on Friday when I was out with my girls Erica and Crystina, so I thought I would share :)

We started at Tavern 29, a cool spot in Flatiron that has rooftop seating.

After looking over the Appetizers menu and seeing deviled eggs, I said “OMG! DEVILED EGGS! CAN WE GET DEVILED EGGS?!” Luckily my dancer companions are not picky eaters whatsoever :)

One minute later those things were history.  Pretty darn good.

While waiting for our entrees we took a look at the drink menu.  Lots of craft beers, so we ended up going with the “tasting” option, just for fun.

We were hoping to try the Blue Point Blueberry, but they were fresh out..So we tried everything but the IPA.

I love tastings of any sort (except for whiskey).  I guess that is the alcoholic that lies inside me, haha.  No really, aren’t tastings just FUN?

Eventually our entrees came.  We all ordered the Veggie burgers w/ side salads.  I later found out that Crys wanted fries but thought she would get in trouble with me.  Ha!

Weeeee freakin’ housed these, but that was no surprise as the 3 of us can surely handle our food.

Very delicious.  Your typical veggie burger, however BBQ Spice and a Chipotle Aoli gave it a nice kick.


After we ate it was time to head to The Frying Pan, one of my favorite places in the city to chill out.  It’s a boat/bar on Pier 66..if you haven’t been, I highly recommend it – amazing views, beautiful people, and over-priced buckets of beer and pitchers of sangria ;)

It was paaaacked, as we should have expected since 5pm was upon us.

Eventually we found a table on the upper deck, where the sun was setting, the breeze was blowing, and we all had that “Aahhhhh, this is the best” moment.

How pretty are these two?! Loooooove.

OK, not our most attractive…

Just admiring Crys…Whatta beaut

And then we saw THIS happening and knew it was time to move on to our next destination, where I cut the pics off and just kicked it with my ladies.

Anyway, have a great Sunday – I have a dinner tonight at Carmine’s with some of the Rathbone’s crew , where thanks to family style clean eating isn’t really an option  8-O

But with food as amazing at Carmine’s, sometimes you just gotta go with it, right? I’ll let you know how it goes.