Hey there, and Happy Monday!

If you’re a fellow New Yorker, then odds are that you know all about NYC’s Restaurant Week.  Restaurant Week (although these days its more like 3 weeks) gives customers the opportunity to dine at restaurants they maybe wouldn’t normally splurge on, or just want to try something new with a Prix Fixe menu.

The pros: Affordable.  $25 for lunch and $38 for dinner.

Cons: You really have to research the menus because most restaurants create a new menu catered specially catered to Restaurant Week, meaning you may not get the most fulfilling dining experience.  Many menus do not include a meat or fish option.

With that being said, The foodie in me was determined to find a restaurant that I had never been to with great atmosphere and a great menu.  I spent a ton of time on NYCgo.com to find a place that would meet all of my expectations.  Enter Park Avenue Winter.  This place is stunning, the RW menu was taken directly from their regular, much more expensive menu, and the service was fantastic (waitress loved us as we got to talking about blogging and fitness!).

The gorgeous interior hits you the second you walk through the door.  It has a cozy but upscale vibe, making it a great lunch OR dinner spot.

The bar is tastefully decorated and although it took a few moments to take it all in, I was not overwhelmed.

Loved the lighting fixtures.  Loved the decor accents.  Loved a lot about this place.

This “limited” menu was extensive and delicious looking.  It took me some contemplating to figure out what to order.

I was so starved that when the busboy brought over rosemary and butter rubbed bread, I was not at liberty to decline.  So doughy, so carb-heavy, so awesome.

For drinks (because at 2pm on a Wednesday I find this necessary), we had the Blood Orange bellini and a glass of Sauv Blanc.

For my appetizer I had the Kale & Manchego salad with chorizo and chestnut honey.  This was tasty, but a bit a taaad bit over-dressed.  I did enjoy the little bits of chorizo, though.

Peekytoe Crabcake with Grapefruit and Hearts of Palm.  The crab and citrus flavors went together surprisingly well.  The crunch of the outside of the cake was perfect.

Everything-Crusted Branzino with smoked cream cheese & pickled onions.  This was the highlight of my meal.  I loved the “everything” crust combined with the flakiness of the fish.  There wasn’t a morsel left on this plate.

Braised Short Rib “Sandwich” with horseradish & gorgonzola.  Love that this was open-faced and served with apple slices.  It wasn’t my entree, so I only had a bite..but it was definitely a hit for Lindsay.

Dessert was Popcorn ice cream with Coconut & White Mocha and the Sticky Toffee Pudding.  We were spooning bitefuls of this together (per our waitress’ recommendation), and while it was an incredible combo, we were both stuffed to the gills and had to throw in the towel after a few bites.

The verdict: Solid.  Did anything blow my mind? Not exactly.  But I left full and satisfied, and that’s the beauty of Restaurant Week.  For a $25 lunch (excluding 2 drinks each, tax & tip) you can’t exactly have regrets after one of these meals.  The ambience is enough of a reason to give it a whirl.

Do you have any plans for RW?



Park Avenue Winter

(Note: Been to this restaurant again since original post date in March 2015 {at full price} and I still highly recommend it! The interior is stunning)