Hey all. Gooood morning! So remember the other day when I promised I would test out a new recipe last night? Well, things didn’t exactly go as planned.  Woops.  I was too exhausted to cook, however I DID go out to eat to try something new..Persian food! And holy cow, I was so pleasantly full after this meal.

Started with the traditional hummus and pita (whole wheat-score!)  I was also the lone drinker of the night with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

I then ordered the Eggplant Mirza, a roasted eggplant puree with mint, tomato sauce, garlic and yogurt.

My dinner date ordered the House Salad and we shared Khorest Ghormeh Sabzi stew which consisted of Filet Mignon, Green Vegetable, and Red Beans.  We also ordered a side of the Polo Albalo, a basmati rice with sour cherries.

This.Meal.Was.Delicious.  I’m telling you, I will be back very soon.  We didn’t even finish everything – only about 3/4 of the way through each dish, but since the ENTIRE meal cost $60 with tip, we really weren’t too concerned about licking the plate clean.  My mouth is watering just looking at these pics again, and the best part is..I didn’t feel the slight bit bloated after – even with the carbs of the pita and the thickness of the stew.  (I realize it also helps that I have a 13 block walk home from this place)

I wanted to try to get as much of the Persian culture out of the meal and yet not throw my eating habits out the window.  The eggplant puree was by far my favorite dish.

Anywho, the moral of this story is that it is entirely possible to go out to eat, enjoy yourself, and not feel guilty afterwards..about breaking the bank OR eating like a slob!

Happy eating today people! Think clean!

Persepolis, 1407 Second Avenue, NY, NY 10021

<a href=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/3/36974/restaurant/Yorkville/Persepolis-New-York”><img alt=”Persepolis on Urbanspoon” src=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/b/link/36974/minilink.gif” style=”border:none;padding:0px;width:130px;height:36px” /></a>