There’s nothing worse than coming home from a vacation only to feel like you need ANOTHER vacation.  Luckily, I don’t feel that way this time around (fresh from a bachelorette party in Mexico)..but I have in the past.  You party, party, party your face off and then come home to work, the real world, and the unwelcoming feeling like you just got hit by a truck.  Many times I find that I work my ass off in the gym in the weeks leading up to a vacation to look amazing in a bikini only to arrive and put that hard work to shit.  I crack open a beer at 11am, eat like crap, put a halt to workouts and then come home a blubbering (yeah I said blubbering) mess.  In many ways this is extremely depressing.  What am I supposed to do, NOT drink on vacation? NOT enjoy my foods? WORRY about squeezing in workouts when I’m supposed to be relaxing? There’s a balance to it all, and I think I may finally be starting to figure it out.

Unless you’ve got incredible genes where you can eat whatever you want, not work out and still look amazing (Hi, I don’t fall into this category), then you’ve got to consider that word that we all hate so terribly much: sacrifice.  Going booze-free on your vacation? Splurge on the authentic, local foods.  Planning to booze relatively the entire trip? (Hi, I fall into this category) Prepare to eat smart.  I knew that I would be drinking a lot of my daily calories, so I kept my meals light and clean, and also chugged water throughout the process.

Starting the day off with a solid breakfast will keep you less inclined to eat badly throughout the rest of the day.  It will also keep you super full throughout the morning.

BTW, I realized how much I absolutely love Dos Equis on this trip. Mmm, mmm.

On the second day of our trip I woke up super early (6am) with a headache that just wouldn’t quit – so I decided to just get up, put some sneakers on, go down to the beach to reserve our 9 beach chairs and speed-walk the beach to take some nice pictures.  Was it a serious workout? No.  But it did keep me a little active on the trip and also give me the opportunity to relish in this experience and take some great pics.

After that I showered, napped for 2 hours and still got a full day of sun at the beach  8-)

Throughout the trip I stayed relatively comfortable in my bathing suit.  When I got back the water weight (and booze weight) set in, leaving me with a pooch and an uncomfortable swish of the thighs.  Is this upsetting? Yes.  End of the world? No.  The good thing is I only set myself back a few days and will just have to get RIGHT back on track to prevent any further expansion in the waistline.

3 simple but important things to do after a crazy vacation:

Drink tons of water.

Keep the diet SUPER clean.

Workout more vigorously than usual in the first week after the trip.

Don’t be discouraged: After all, you probably had a serious blast and have got great memories that will last way longer than your post-vacay gut will ;)