OOOOH, baby.  Talk about some food porn.  You guys should already know how obsessed I am with waffles – this ain’t my first waffle post runaround.  I love me some waffles with whipped cream and chocolate chips, but that’s a once-in-a-blue thing.  This buckwheat waffle is guilt-free and great for a post workout meal or just a yummy breakfast.

What I used:

Waffle Maker (duh)

Nutribullet (to blend raspberries and blueberries for a compote!)

Waffle mix is not hard to make from scratch, but I am a girl of convenience.  Any wholegrain or buckwheat waffle mix at your health foods store will do.  Just add an egg, milk and oil, then whisk.

The fun part: toppings and mixings.  I throw PB2 into my waffle mix, blend berries then warm them in the microwave, and top with shredded coconut, Smart Balance butter and Agave nectar.

With coffee : PERFECTION.

The after-math.  #cleanplateclub

Enjoy this decadent health-ified treat!