Hey guys! So as promised on Friday, we’re here today to give you a recap on our wonderful day at the Random House publishing house’ Open House.  We are on inspiration and information OVERLOAD, and while we would happily be here all day to give you a thorough run-down, we’re going to keep it short and sweet and tell you about our amazing day! :)

This day of networking, lectures, information sessions and tons of snacks started with an amazing little spread of coffee, tea and breakfast provided by Kind.

Yum! Little parfaits and new pumpkin maple bars.

Our first session was with the incredible David Zinczenko, the brain behind all of the “Eat This, Not That!” books.  He was a presence throughout the day, and his sense of humor and personality definitely won us over.  His session was quite an interesting start to the day as he shared more knowledge of the crazy, crazy things that can be found in processed foods today (think woodchips in your Baskin Robbins), and we loved hearing about his new book that’s coming out, “Eat It To Beat it”.

After David’s session we perked up with some no-sugar coffee/espresso drinks provided by Illy Issimo, and it was on to the next session. This session was led by Charles Duhigg, a report for the New York Times, and Kelly McGonigal, a psychologist and author.  This session was focused on WILLPOWER and our ability to take control in our lives.  Definitely a great one for all of us scatter-brained New Yorkers ;)

Our lunch break included a cute little lunch box of sandwiches, sides & cookies provided by WichCraft.  I opted for the chicken salad.

After lunch a session with the blogger behind Dinner: A Love Story commenced, and this session was geared towards meal planning, budgeting, and getting dinner on the table in a timely fashion.

Next up was the session we looked forward to most, with Tara Kraft, the editor-in-chief of Shape Magazine, and Michael Olajide, creator and author of Sleekify!, which you can read more about on my mom’s post from yesterday!  David Z was back to play the role of “interviewer”!

This session got us really excited to embrace fitness in a new and exciting way – in and out of the gym.  Michael has an amazing sense of humor, and Tara was a really down-to-earth chick! Our type of crew ;)

Another yummy break ensued with PopChips and BluePrint green juice! Let me tell you, we didn’t go hungry ONCE during this 8 hour day.  Health and Wellness Open House’s are the place to be, my friends.

The last and certainly most impacting panel of the day was led by Kelly Corrigan, author of Glitter and Glue, who shared her tales of beating cancer and day-to-day struggles, all with an infectious sense of humor and a serious motivation to take life’s lemons and make lemonade.  Her positivity and warm spirit personally struck a note with me after I had one of my sit-on-the-floor-and-cry-over-nothing episodes this week.  She really enabled me to take a step back and see the bigger, brighter picture.  We shared a nice conversation with her at the cocktail mixer that followed!

Man, do I wish I got some pictures of the amazing Cocktail mixer! I was too busy stuffing my face on cheeses, fruits, cocktails provided by “Storied Sips” and AMAZING desserts provided by “Perfect Pies & More”.  Naturally, I went for the banana nut bread and some amazing chocolate-y turtle thing-y.

Everyone at Random House was so incredible and this was certainly an experience we will remember.  Hoping to reconnect with you all again soon! (Thanks Liza for reaching out!)

An Instagram photo with new friend Katie to wrap up this post! :)