Hey guys! Popping in on a Wednesday evening to share with you a certain part of my day today.  After the gym, I took a trip to Barnes & Noble to peruse through a handful of “Diet” books, just to keep current in what the new thing is these days.  I call this blogger research (ha).  The one diet I want to briefly touch upon is the Paleo; I have been hearing about a number of CrossFitters that are participating in the Paleo Diet.  They have given me brief explanations but once I hear no Peanut Butter and No Dairy – they get “the hand”.  No YOGURT?! No dairy at all?! No peanut butter?! No cereal?! No ‘many other things I consume on a daily basis’?!  I say to them with disgust “Please, I’ve heard enough”.  My whole thing with these diets is that they seem to take the lifestyle aspect out of it; forcing us to be the one person at the dinner table with a list of absurd restrictions as to what we can put into their mouths.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about living life to the fullest, and indulging when you see fit.  We are not prisoners to food. Say it loud mama.

Yet in efforts to combat my stubborn and not-easily-open-to-change personality, I thought it would be a good time to read more about the Paleo.  UNFORTUNATELY, I perused the first two books first and ran out of time – so for now, I am not any more educated on the matter and remain opposed.  I will definitely make time soon to go through that book, as this whole Paleo phenomenon has definitely piqued my interest.

Disclaimer:  I am not a registered nutritionist/dietician.  Everything I say is subjective and only a matter of opinion based on what works for me.

Any of you out there currently doing the Paleo Diet? If you HAD to sell me on it right this second, what would you say about it?!

Thanks for stopping by!