Holy cannoli! It’s been FOREVER since we have done a restaurant review.  I can certainly tell you why though; I haven’t been staying put in NYC this summer long enough to actually go to a great dinner.  It’s been all about casual seafood spots on the water, grilling at a house, grabbing things on the go, etc.  I did go to one fantastic dinner last week at Barbounia, a Greek place here in NYC, and it would have made for a great review.. but like I said – restuarant dinners have been too far and few between this summer that I wasn’t about to ruin a good time by whipping out my camera.

Anyway, I was speaking to some foodie friends of mine about how our next dinner out together has got to be at Balaboosta, a great Mediterranean/Middle Eastern resto on Mulberry Street.  What’s kind of crazy is I can remember my ultra hip supervisor at my last internship (3 years ago!!!) tell me that I just HAD to try Balaboosta.  Years later, this place is still a hit.  Sure, there’s always a new restaurant opening in NYC, but the good ones STAY good throughout the years.

What you can expect to see on the menu:

Crispy Cauliflower with lemon, currants, pine nuts (ah-mazing)

Israeli Street Fair with chicken and merguez in a pita with amba yogurt, pickles, sweet potato fries
Homemade Swiss Chard Spaghetti with heart of artichoke, ricotta, crispy garlic, walnuts
My poor, poor iPhone picture-taking.
Boneless Organic Half Chicken “Under a Brick”  with israeli couscous, dried apricot, gremolata
Seared Red Snapper with heirloom cherry tomatoes, black olives, feta, arak sauce  (again, ah-mazing)
Braised Short Ribs with sunchoke chips, kale, with harissa, plum and red wine reduction
Ah, now that’s a better photo.  Muuuuuch better.
Possibly most importantly, you can expect to find some prosecco on the menu..
This place is fantastic for the ambiance, the incredibly orgasmic food, the service and overall experience.  It’s also one of those incredible restaurants that changes their menu seasonally, even weekly, in order to maintain the freshest ingredients and provide a unique dining experience.  OK, now I just cannot wait to go back.
By the way, skip dessert and walk around the corner to grab yourself a delicious crepe.  Oh my, ohhh my.