Hey all! OK, so I am hungry again as I think about last night’s dinner.  Bareburger is an organic, all-natural burger and shake joint that is just sweeping people off of their feet.  You can include me in that category now.  In addition to being organic, everything here is grass-fed, free-range and humanely raised.  There’s something here for everyone – the vegan, the vegetarian, the clean-eater (ahemmmmm!), or just your average burger lover.  My roomie works at the downtown Manhattan location and when she finally shared the info of there being one on the UES, I was like, “totally going there tonight”.

I hit up my girl Megan and we agreed to meet at the restaurant and order some wine while we were catching up and looking over the menu :)

The menu here is so freakin’ impressive and extensive, Megan and I agreed that this is the kind of place you have to come back to 10 times in order to try every possible burger combo you find interesting.

This isn’t your simple “cheese burger medium-rare” spot.  For a “burger” here you’ve got beef, mushroom burger, turkey burger, black bean burger, farmers veggie burger, lamb, wild boar, ostrich, elk and bison.  Hello, I was in heaven.

Side note: here’s our server taking our order on an i-Pod touch.  I thought this was so space age, however Megan informed that they do this at her restaurant too.  Ummm, where have I been?

We decided to build our own burgers and I opted for Bison (my FAVORITE – a very very lean meat FYI), grilled onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and a basil pesto in a lettuce wrap bun.  Simple, but tasty.  So very tasty.

I skipped the bacon and cheese.  Trust me, it was hard.  Next time I’m getting turkey bacon!

Megan opted for a black bean burger with avocado, blue cheese, tomatoes and salsa verde.  Danggggg that thing looked good.  We also got a side garden salad to split as the burgers do not come with a side.

Bareburger has locations in Queens, Manhattan, Long Island and Brooklyn.  Not in NYC? Just keep it in mind when you visit – trust me, you’ll want to find this place.