Hello Saturday! It’s time for another Restaurant Review.  Today’s review is on Cilantro, an UES favorite for its authentic Mexican food, with fresh seafood and reasonably priced menu.  This place is right next-door to Rathbones, so I frequent it often.  This time I happened to snag a few less than par pictures, so I figured I would share my thoughts.

Since there were two of us dining, we grabbed a Tuna steak salad that was featured on their specials that night for an appetizer.  Every time I visit Cilantro, I am sure to get a tuna steak salad.  They’re just too good.


This salad, as you can see, was topped with avocado, clementine and tomatoes.  While this salad was delicious, the one disappointment of the meal was the inconsistency of the tuna compared to the previous times we’ve had it.  Tuna was ordered medium, and came on the medium-raaaaare side.  It was also seasoned/blackened tuna steak (which indeed affects the health factor), and after taking my first bite I realized it was WAY overly salted.  The first few bites were heavenly, as my intake of salt is very minimal these days, but it quickly became a bit much for me.  Oh well, move it to the side – it’s time for Entrees!

My dinner date got the usual Breast of Chicken: Stuffed with Herbed Goat Cheese
Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans & Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

This shit is bananas.  Truly.

And since it was $10 fajita night, I opted for the shrimp!

Oooooh man, I want these again.  Right now.  Everything about this sizzling plate was delicious, and made even better when I stole some of that red pepper sauce off my friend’s plate.

The only issue here (aside from the salty tuna) was that we both were so stuffed and having a hard time breathing and/or standing up from the table.  This my friends, is the problem most of us have with dining out.  Although neither of us finished our plates, we left full and satisfied.  [Food Coma]

Overall, I really enjoy Cilantro.  You know you’re going to get great food, and the best thing is you can pop in anytime.  While they have cute decor inside, it’s the place where you can stroll in wearing your gym gear (as I did) and feel completely at home.

If you’re living on the UES and haven’t eaten here yet, I encourage you to do so!